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A Closer Look

iTwin has leaned their design unto that of the Apple iPod Minis back in the day, with the Aluminum shell wrapping around the device. An iTwin logo can be found on one side, while the other holds the company name. Overall the device is very well constructed and should be able to withstand some beating. It would have been great to have additional protection for the USB connectors, like a matching cap for example.

Pulling the two pieces apart, it becomes apparent that they are identical. The separate ends act as tokens which store the keys and certificates to allow for encryption and decryption of data. As you will leave one end connected to one PC while taking the other one along to the office or on the road, some sort of cover for the exposed end would also have been great. Nevertheless, the construction of these ends looks sturdy enough that you should not have to worry about it breaking anything.

As you can see, there is no way to connect the to ends to each other, as they are shaped much like SATA connectors. The USB headers are of the normal kind and will fit in any USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 plug.

Each end has a blue LED, which lights up when the unit is working - much like a traditional USB drive. As the dimensions of the iTwin are very compact, you should be able to connect it to any USB port without having to worry about blocking any adjacent ones - especially on a notebook.
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