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I-Rocks IR-9300 3.5" HDD Enclosure Review

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Package & Contents

The packaging pictures the enclosure and lets the potential buyer know of its main features. While the top left corner only mentiones USB connectivity, an additional sticker lets the customer know that this enclosure also features firewire. The back lists the features in detail in three different languages.

The enclosure itself is placed inside a bubblewrap bag and sealed with a "PASS" sticker. The rest of the contents are found under the IR-9300 in a seperated compartement.

I-Rock has included everything needed. There is a silver, plastic stand, a bag of screws, a 8 cm driver CD, all nessesary cables and a very small power supply. This is the second time we have seen such a small PSU. The Akasa Integral! Fusion which we reviewed here featured such a small PSU as well. The USB 2.0 and Firewire cables are both about 1m long. This is fairly short and my not be sufficient, if your PC is standing under the table, with the enclosure on the desk.

The case itself is constructed of aluminum, while both ends are made out of plastic. This makes the enclosure relatively long. While the space may be needed for the rear part, as that is where the PCB is located, there is no reason for the front plastic part to be so long.
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