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I-Rocks Superman Returns Mouse & Card Reader

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A Closer Look

Superman Returns Mouse

The mouse is slim and fits nicely into the hands. The Superman logo is embossed and it reads Superman right below it. The side features two buttons used for navigation (back and forward in your browser). The wheel is covered in rubber and placed in a grove. This looks much like the Logitech MX1000. The mouse does seems to be inspired by Logitech mice a bit.

The mouse looks quite nice on a mouse pad. There are very few themed mice out there, so this should be a fun item to have at a LAN party and draw some attention.

The mouse follows the shape and size of other modern counterparts. It is just as tall as the MX Revolution and just as wide as the MX518. The bottom of the mouse is kept in simple black. There are skid pads on five spots. They seem to be well placed for a mouse of this size.

Superman Returns Memory Card Reader

The card reader is quite small. The top sports the Superman logo. I placed it next to a card the same size of a credit card. The card reader is smaller than this. This would be a great item to toss into your bag, so that you can access your memory cards on any computer while on the road.

To keep the size down, the card reader uses each side for one or two formats. The front is used to insert the very popular SD & MMC cards. The back is reserved for the mini USB connector.

The sides house the CF/SM and memory stick slots. Quite an interesting approach, as Compact Flash and Smart Media the are by far the biggest formats in size.
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