Filename: NVIDIA.GTX680.2048.130509.rom
VBIOS Version:
UEFI Supported: No
BIOS Build date: 2013-05-09 00:00:00
Date added: 2013-05-13 21:43
VBIOS Size: 178 KB
MD5 Hash: 826fcfd2a72633f357794464ea27045e
SHA1 Hash: f0fa11952dfd38d98acb1f7aff309a32797c42c1
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GeForce GTX 680 Image
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BIOS Internals

GPU Device Id: 0x10DE 0x1180 Version: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 Copyright (C) 1996-2013 NVIDIA Corp. GK104 Board - 20020000 Connectors 1x DVI-D 1x DVI-I 1x DisplayPort 1x HDMI Board power limit Target: 170.0 W Limit: 225.0 W Adj. Range: -29%, +32% Fan Speed Min: 30% Max: 85% Memory Support GDDR5, Hynix GDDR5, Samsung Performance Level 0 Core Clk: 324.00 MHz Mem Clk: 162.00 MHz Performance Level 1 Core Clk: 540.00 MHz Mem Clk: 405.00 MHz Performance Level 2 Core Clk: 706.00 MHz Mem Clk: 1752.00 MHz Performance Level 3 Core Clk: 706.00 MHz Mem Clk: 1752.00 MHz Boost clocks P0 Boost: 1125.00 MHz P0 Base: 1058.50 MHz

Graphics Card Info

Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Model: GTX 680
Device Id: 10DE 1180
Subsystem Id: 10DE 0969
Interface: PCI-E
Memory Size: 2048 MB
GPU Clock: 1059 MHz
Memory Clock: 1752 MHz
Memory Type: GDDR5

This is a GTX 680 BIOS modified to higher clock speeds. It does not magically modify your card into a GTX 770. Not recommended to use this BIOS as it's based on an old BIOS version