JingYing HD 6570 2048 MB BIOS

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Filename: 144533.rom
VBIOS Version:
UEFI Supported: No
BIOS Build date: 2013-08-23 21:45:00
Date added: 2013-08-31 08:37:58
VBIOS Size: 128 KB
MD5 Hash: 07e47473fb5ad3bd529c983795be144f
SHA1 Hash: 79fdd63780423a6fd2678d912f48dcbf21847f3d
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Radeon HD 6570 Image
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BIOS Internals

GPU Device Id: 0x1002 0x6759 113-xxx-xxx YODA 1G C33101 DDR3 64MX16 (C) 1988-2010, AMD Technologies Inc. ATOMBIOSBK-ATI VER013. T6570.BIN Clock State 0 Core Clk: 650.00 MHz Memory Clk: 900.00 MHz Voltage: 1.050 V Flags: Boot Clock State 1 Core Clk: 650.00 MHz Memory Clk: 667.00 MHz Voltage: 1.050 V Flags: Optimal Perf Clock State 2 Core Clk: 650.00 MHz Memory Clk: 667.00 MHz Voltage: 1.050 V Flags: UVD Memory Support 2048 MB, GDDR3, Hynix H5TQ2G63BFR 2048 MB, GDDR3, Samsung K4B2G1646C 2048 MB, GDDR3, Micron MT41J128M16

Graphics Card Info

Manufacturer: JingYing
Model: HD 6570
Device Id: 1002 6759
Subsystem Id: 1002 0000
Interface: PCI-E
Memory Size: 2048 MB
GPU Clock: 650 MHz
Memory Clock: 667 MHz
Memory Type: GDDR3

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