Powercolor RX 6900 XT 16 GB BIOS



Filename: Powercolor.RX6900XT.16384.201104.rom
VBIOS Version:
UEFI Supported: Yes
BIOS Build date: 2020-11-04 22:03:00
Date added: 2021-03-14 07:44:06
VBIOS Size: 1024 KB
MD5 Hash: 572b8067ab5caf7017129e909410ab4b
SHA1 Hash: 48ebbf5d61009f63bb2430a0400921d6d6231da4
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PowerColor RX 6900 XT Image
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BIOS Internals

GPU Device Id: 0x1002 0x73BF 113-D4120100-100 NAVI21 Gaming XTX D412 (C) 1988-2020, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. ATOMBIOSBK-AMD VER020. D4120100.100 Adjustment Range GPU: 500 MHz to 3000 MHz Memory: 1348 MHz to 2150 MHz Power: -10% to +15% Power Limit Total: 255 W GPU: 320 A SOC: 55 A Thermal Limit Edge: 100°C Hotspot: 110°C Memory: 100°C VR Gfx: 115°C VR Mem 1: 115°C VR Mem 2: 115°C VR SOC: 115°C Shutdown Temp.: 118°C Fan Stop supported: Yes Fan Start: 55°C Fan Stop: 70°C Voltage GPU Voltage: 825 mV to 1175 mV SOC Voltage: 825 mV to 1150 mV Memory MVDD: 1250 mV to 1350 mV Memory VDDCI: 675 mV to 850 mV Memory Support 16384 MB, GDDR6, Samsung K4ZAF325BM

Graphics Card Info

Manufacturer: Powercolor
Model: RX 6900 XT
Device Id: 1002 73BF
Subsystem Id: 1002 0E3A
Interface: PCI-E
Memory Size: 16384 MB
GPU Clock: 500 MHz
Memory Clock: 2000 MHz
Memory Type: GDDR6