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Jan 10, 2014
Sep 15, 2009
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North Carolina, United States

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WCG Team Assistant, from North Carolina, United States

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Jan 10, 2014
    1. manofthem
      Great work on the WCG Challenge :toast:
    2. manofthem
      Thanks for your help getting setup on WCG!
    3. Trigger911
      Sorry I got a question .... how do you get the wcg siggy ... I tried to use my account number but i get a 404 ... Thanks ^.^
    4. 15th Warlock
      15th Warlock
      Sorry it took so long to join the WCG team, was sorting out the P67 board recall thingy, but things should be working now... haven't seen you in a while :)
    5. 15th Warlock
      15th Warlock
      Hi, I'll check on how to join your WCG Team, I'm still testing my system, posted some benchies if you're interested ;)
    6. [Ion]
      Thanks bro :)
    7. t77snapshot
      Congrats on the 5,000 posts:toast:
    8. [Ion]
      Sure thing :)

      With both GPUs, HFM predicts 21-22k PPD w/ the current mix of GPUs...I'm probably adding a GTS250 next weekend for about 6k more :)
    9. Magikherbs
      Beaut PPD man.. I take it your GTS 450 arrived ? :)
    10. p_o_s_pc
      have fun with that :)
    11. p_o_s_pc
      no problem. You may also look into some of the NZXT cases. I know the tempest EVO has been calling my name :laugh:
    12. p_o_s_pc
      I love my 300. I would recommend it, The worst part about the case is the WM SUCKS and if you plan to water cool(custom loop) you will have to mod it if you want it internal.
      I would get the Antec Illusions because of the blue LED Tri-cool's and it comes with the 2 front fans along with the top and back unlike the normal 300 the only has the back and top fans and no LED's. IMO its worth the little extra. :)
    13. Chicken Patty
      Chicken Patty
      I'd have to agree with that :)
    14. Chicken Patty
      Chicken Patty
      Reviews help, just like critics do in picking out a movie to watch. I would listen more to what the actualy users and members of forums have to say bro, just my two cents :toast:
    15. Chicken Patty
      Chicken Patty
      dude, I can vouch for the EVGA. They are solid boards, I have the X58 one and it's just an amazing board. I liked ASUS back in the 790FX days and Phenom days, I'm all over them now. Not bad boards, but I'd take an EVGA board over an ASUS anyday.

      Shit, speaking of that I bought an ASUS board for my AMD rig :laugh: I really like them for AMD, let's see if they are still as good as when I had my Phenom 9850-9950.
    16. t77snapshot
    17. [Ion]
    18. neoreif
      good day Ion! I'm quite new here but I think Im interested at joining the WCG team for TPU! Im using a 64 bit OS and I just wanna know the link where I can download the 64 bit Boinc Installer? Thanks for your help!
    19. [Ion]
      Thanks! WCG is what interests me, so I spend a lot of time learning about how to get it to work better, and I like to spread my knowledge around. I'm still mostly clueless about F@H, but I'm learning :o
    20. t77snapshot
      Yeah and that's what makes you awesome! You have accomplished a lot in the short time you have been with us and I just wanted to say thank you. Cheers to you bro:toast:
    21. [Ion]
      Am I? I just do my best to help out WCG team members :o
    22. t77snapshot
      Ion, why are you so awesome? :)
    23. [Ion]
      Nope, according to UPS it's supposed to arrive today! w00t w00t
      I'm currently using a T40 with 30 minutes of battery, a cracked case, and USB ports that don't work :(
    24. Jstn7477
      Have you received your new ThinkPad yet?
    25. Velvet Wafer
      Velvet Wafer
      hey, glad to be friends ;-)
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    Home Page:
    North Carolina, United States


    Crunching for TPU!: 2x i3-2100 -- 2x i7-3770k -- i7-2600k -- i7-2700k -- i7-3930k -- i7-3612QM -- i7-3537U -- C2Q Q6600 -- C2D-M T9600 -- FX-8350 -- 4x AMD Opty 6128 HE - i7-920
  • System Name: Rostock (Desktop) / Dresden (Laptop)
    Processor: i3-2100 / Core2 Duo L7500 (1.6GHz)
    Motherboard: Asus P8H77-I / Lenovo X61s
    Cooling: Stock / Stock
    Memory: 2x4GB G.SKILL / 2x2GB DDR2
    Video Card(s): Sapphire Radeon HD7950 / Intel GMA965
    Hard Disk(s): Samsung 840 120GB + WD Caviar Green 1TB / 120GB SATA
    LCD/CRT Model: Asus VH242H (23.6") / 12.1" 1024x768
    Case: Cooler Master Elite 120 / Lenovo X61s
    Sound Card: Onboard
    Power Supply: Antec TPN 650w / Lenovo 90w
    Software: Windows 7 Ultimate x86_64
    Benchmark Scores: ~80k PPD across all systems in WCG