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Dec 27, 2007
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Jan 28, 2015 at 2:48 AM
    1. btarunr
      Nice :)

      I get RAMs 3 days ahead (like Australia) of the US. Can't wait.
    2. XNine
      At this time, we do not. We did have one a few years ago, but the industry has kind of moved away from them, unfortunately. :(
    3. lyndonguitar
      well about 2k13 mods, you can check here http://nbasky.com/,

      its got almost everything, from total conversion to get put leagues like euroleague, FIBA or ncaa, legacy rosters(e.g. 1997-1998 rosters), better faces, graphics, textures, scoreboards. pretty much everything you can imagine.
    4. sneekypeet
      well why in the hell is it in yellow so I had to work to see it? :roll:
      Also returning the favor....see I can hide your first message of 2013 too!
    5. Cold Storm
      Cold Storm
      All good man, I just want to make sure it's going... I can wipe the sweat off the head...
    6. Cold Storm
      Cold Storm
      Come on man.... tell me how it is!!!
    7. Solaris17
      hes climbin in your windows snatchin yo people up, tyin to rape um. yall need to hide your kids hide your wife and hide your husband cause they be rapin erybody out here.
    8. mlee49
      I have Skype and I'm on Steam most of the time too. I have MSN but dont use it much.
    9. AthlonX2
      yeah dude you have msn or something mybe we can work something out?
    10. AthlonX2
      you still has 775 board available
    11. sneekypeet
      No CPU coolers, did get my Shaman all taken care of though:)
    12. DonInKansas
      It's nice to see the dead bird board still in your system specs. :p
    13. twilyth
      Hehehe. Finished my response right before the plug got pulled. Got 2 backups. If they decide to unlock the thread, I'm good to go. If not, well, anyone who can't see how confused that boy is now, either doesn't give a shit or just hasn't been paying attention. Somehow I doubt that it will be my last opportunity to meet the brave knight of Herp and Derp on the glorious field of combat. [IMG]
    14. twilyth
      You crack me up. thanks. thanks for the CMA (cover my ass) action. You must be one helluva wing man.

      What's your prediction for how he tries to get out of this mess? Personally, I can't even imagine.
    15. twilyth
      Oh man. That article is a piece of shit. They even say that they think most pastes are all the same if you use them properly. So they conduct their tests by using a sub optimal setup with a stock cooler and push pins. This is going to be one long fucking post. But I'm having a blast with each flaw I'm finding.
    16. twilyth
      Very nice. :roll: It's more likely that he goes over the edge, but we'll see.:banghead: :pimp:
    17. twilyth
      reality check completed. As soon as the liquid sarcasm tank is topped off, I'll be ready for launch. Tell my family I love them. They're cats and won't understand, but humor me. Thanks! :respect: :toast:
    18. twilyth
      I want to make a prediction. When the truth is finally realized and is indisputable, the reliability of the older TIM comparison will be called into question. I want something public with a time stamp I can point to . thanks.
    19. twilyth
      please check out my most recent post in the thermal cluster fuck thread and tell me if I have made the point clear enough so that even the special olympics crowd would get it. Thanks man.
    20. DonInKansas
      No golf yet this yeasr between the academy and it being 110 every day. Yeesh.
    21. (FIH) The Don
    22. (FIH) The Don
    23. Solaris17
      run and tell that run and tell that. we gon find you
    24. TheMailMan78
    25. twilyth
      Thanks. I did subscribe for any new videos. Field effect transistors make sense to me but the traditional kind never did so I'll take a look.
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  • System Name: The Dove Box
    Processor: Core i7 970 @ 4.4Ghz(Watercooled)
    Motherboard: Gigabyte UD5 Rev2.0
    Cooling: Custom water loop
    Memory: 6x2GB Corsair Vengance Pro 1866MHz
    Video Card(s): 2xEvga Classified 560 Ti 448 Core in SLI
    Hard Disk(s): 2x256GB Samsung 830 SSD, 1TB WD Black, 1.2TB NAS
    Optical Drive: Samsung sata 22x dvd
    LCD/CRT Model: 26" Asus 1920x1200
    Case: Enermax Fulmo GT
    Power Supply: Thermaltake Toughpower 850W
    Software: Win7 64x