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Nov 7, 2009
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Oct 6, 2015 at 4:37 PM
    1. mstenholm
      Firstly because it seemed to be too late to sign up (reading further in the Hard tread where I found it). Secoundly because it seemed to take more SW know-how then our average folder have. Too bad we did not get the offer in the first place. What are you folding with now? My long/(hopefully short) plan is a 4P with a 6234/38. My current two hexs will not take me much further then top 500.
    2. bogmali
      Why did you delete the HP Cloud post on the main F@H thread?
    3. (FIH) The Don
      (FIH) The Don
      tak tak :D

      hopper nok på SB næste måned eller venter til x79
    4. mstenholm
      ahh, jeg syntes heller ikke at have læst at du var gået 1156 vejen. Men tillykke, jeg kan se at du har nået de 500 K.
    5. (FIH) The Don
      (FIH) The Don
      ah jeg kan kun drømme ;)
      det er Dan/KieX der lånte mig 2 af sine 2600K'ere til at nå over 500000 :D
    6. mstenholm
      I wrote something in the forum as a reply to a figure you showed. You said that the server was down and then showed your own figures and several days were blank, not only the day in question. I deleted it again since not all in the forum have humor.
    7. qu4k3r
      sure i do, in fact it's very black :)
      may i ask you why?
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    Cooling: Custom WC/Noctua NH-D14/Noctua NH-D15/Ditto
    Memory: 6 GB A-Data/6 GB Mushkin /8 GB Corsair Vengance
    Video Card(s): 680 / 280x / 2x970/7970+7770
    Hard Disk(s): 480 GB SSD / 480 GB SSD /480 GB SSD
    LCD/CRT Model: Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP
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    Software: WIN7 64 bit
    Benchmark Scores: Cherry pie at one point ;)