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survarium Dec 27, 2015

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Feb 7, 2016 at 1:13 PM
    1. newconroer
    2. panaphone
      i work in IBM company in USA so dont have many time plz respond soonasposible
    3. panaphone
      man i am interesed for your rouge contact me on banemajstor@hotmail.com
    4. newconroer
      Well, I have to say that there's a few variables in your config, that more or less defeat whatever FPS you gain by turning things like Color Grading and DOF down a notch. I think it's the vegetation area that's the culprit.

      So with that said, I don't use it all in it's entirety, but the main thing for me is that I don't want custom shadows because I like them set on Very High, and whenever I run with custom variables, lots of frames are lost. I'm still trying to narrow it down. None the less; email me over a copy
    5. Jrob
      You alright man you seem pissed with that post? anyways I stumbled on some new cmds lastnight that make a hughe diff over default veryhigh. with hardly no impact on performance.

      If you want to test it you will be the first so let me know:p
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    Awsome game I wish i could get it but parent are fags and they dont't let me get M games.
    Maybe if:
    You didn't call your parents fags
    You didn't call yourself "hacker" on the internet
    You learned to spell "awesome" and "assassin"
    they might think you are mature enough to get the game. -Davidelmo
  • System Name: Medusa
    Processor: i7 2600k @4.8ghz
    Motherboard: Asus P8P67 Pro
    Cooling: Noctua NH-L12
    Memory: 8gb Corsair XMS DDR3 @1600mhz
    Video Card(s): G1 GTX 970 SLI
    Hard Disk(s): Vertex 4 256 /Crucial C300 256/ Hitachi 2TB 2x
    Optical Drive: Samsung BD
    LCD/CRT Model: Tempest 270X / LG W3000h
    Case: Fractal Define S [Antec Skeleton hanging in hall of fame]
    Sound Card: Asus Xonar Xense with AKG K612 cans on Monacor SA-100
    Power Supply: Seasonic X-850
    Mouse: Razer Naga 2014
    Software: Windows 10 Pro
    Benchmark Scores: FFXIV ARR Benchmark 1600p score 12,098