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AMD considers third factory in Dresden

Discussion in 'News' started by bishop40k, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. bishop40k Staff

    Jun 13, 2005
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    Lafayette, IN. USA
    Dresden has entitled hopes for a third production plant of the chip manufacturer Advanced Micro DEVICE (AMD). Expectations would then be a further investment from the Americans of approximately 2.5 billion euro, which could be connected with approximately 1000 new jobs.

    The final decision over the location will fall to the AMD chairman of the board Hector Ruiz. "It is very probable that we need a new factory in beginning to middle of 2008" Ruiz said.

    "Saxony confirms discussions"

    The Saxonian federal state government confirmed the discussions with the American semiconductor manufacturer. After the success of the first two factories and the associated concentration of the AMD in Saxony land, Saxony Prime Minister Georg Milbradt (CDU) said to this newspaper: "we obviously created the correct basic conditions to get around such settlements into the Free State." The recent interest of AMD testifies that Dresden is an "outstanding location with specialist points".

    Also AMD boss Ruiz is pleased with the location Dresden because of the past experiences, which the enterprise with the there employees made. The training of the persons employed is outstanding and the attitude to the work exemplary. "It is very disciplined too, typically German."

    Second AMD factory nearly finished

    AMD presently has the as of yet unfinished “Fab 36” located in Dresden, which will deliver the first products with the beginning of the coming yearly to the customers. The building lies fully in the schedule. "We are even a little faster than originally planned." Ruiz said. Approximately 2.5 billion euro flowed into "Fab 36". The public promotion from tax proceeds amounts to approximately 660 million euro. As was reported in Dresden, the public hand would be ready to support also the third settlement with amounts in the millions.

    In the factory integrated circuits on silicon wafers are applied of 300 millimeters diameters discs. One counts on a starting production of approximately 13,000 Wafers in the month. 2007 will create approximately 1000 new positions within the plant. In addition a further 1300 jobs come in the surrounding field of the factory. AMD operates their first microprocessor workplace, "Fab 30" with 2000 persons employed in Dresden since 1999, into which 2.4 billion euro were invested.

    Also the labor costs in Dresden obviously do not become a problem for Ruiz. The German employees are being well paid. So far the manufacturing in Dresden always has exceeded the production targets. As was the case with the two preceding factories prior to AMD’s final decision different regions and countries could apply for the investment.
  2. wazzledoozle

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    Aug 30, 2004
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    I want to be the guy at amd that pulls the lever to stamp the chips :D
  3. gR3iF

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    Mar 26, 2005
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    id like to be the guy who tests the new cpu if they run over 24 hours probably

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