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Friends Problem With Him 775 Mobo!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by kyle2020, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. kyle2020 Guest

    ok, a friend of mine has asked igf i can give him some help, but i have no knowledge in 775 mobo's - his problem lies with this board: Gigabyte GA-8i865GME-775-RH rev 2.0

    Now, hes described his problem to me, and id like to know if its a driver issue or something else. He has said that he uses the ethernet adapter on the motherboard to access the internet, but after a re install or something, he cant access the internet at all using the ethernet port again, and the mobo CD he had has decided to dissapear. if anyne can locate a driver or any advice for him, that would be great! me being an AMD man, i have no clue. cheers!
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  4. Thermopylae_480

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    I assume this is a Windows XP installation? Is service pack 2 installed?
    craigo says thanks.
  5. kyle2020 Guest

    thankyou very much for getting back to me thermo, but the evasive disc has popped up in his room and his problems solved. cheers anyway! :D
  6. kyle2020 Guest

    *Thread Closed Just To Avoid Confusion*

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