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how do I kill the check disk utility

Discussion in 'General Software' started by bassmasta, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. bassmasta Guest

    the otehr day my pc reset while at a lan party. now, whenever the pc starts is tries to do a disk check. the only ways to cancel seems to be pressing esc on a PS/2 keyboard, which I bought just for this. checkdisk gets stuck at 10 percent, so letting it continue is't an option. is there any way to remove it from the system or stop it from automatically starting?
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    if chkdsk keeps running on boot, that means that there might be some damaged or corrupted files. in the run box type cmd and from there type chkdsk /F /I and hopefully it wont run next time. if it does, whatever was hanging it, should've been fixed when you did it through the command prompt, and it'll check your disk and then shut off.. so that next time it wont start up. of course, you are doing a proper shutdown and not just killing your power or hitting the psu switch to turn off your system right?
  4. bassmasta Guest

    lol, I never spend time with the windows shutdown. never considered it a problem, as it never checked before. still gets stuck at 10% even in command prompt
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