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Need help and advice on this "softmod" thing.

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by TechnicalFreak, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Hi
    I'm new here btw..

    Ok, I have a ATi RADEON 9800SE (AGP) card. And I was searching the net for files to tweak and OC the system and the graphics card. So I got to this place that had a file called "ATI-Tool". Ok, downloaded it, installed and started it.

    Now the first thing it said was "It is possible to unlock additional four pipelines making your card perform like a 9800 Pro." So I thought: -Sure why not?

    I downloaded the ati2mtag file. Read the "how-to-do" , and I did exactly what they told me to do.
    1.Download the "Unmodded drivers" , now this was not the Catatalys 7.8 but 7.11 (does this make any difference?? I have the 7.8 aswell).
    2.After installed drivers, make sure that the unmodded drivers are ok. And they were.
    3.Erase the ati2mtag.sy_ file. Ok, done that.
    4.Take the ati2mtag.sys file and place it in same place where the ati2mtag.sy_ file was erased. Did that aswell..
    5.Update the drivers using the Device-Manager and use "search for disk". Did that too.

    Now, why everytime I do this my screen has only 4bit colors and I can't select 16 or 32bit?
    Is it that I need the 7.8 drivers instead in order for it all to work?
    I really want to test this.

    Oh, and some more things to say before anyone comments:
    1.In the Device-Manager I have a "Secondary videocard" , it's the same card, just secondary.
    2.When trying to install the latest Catalyst (7.11) I get an odd error. So I have to install it the "hard way" , by going into the device manager and update drivers thru it etc.etc.

    I would be more than grateful for any help recieved , I have been up since 15:30 yesterday , and I'm not the type who gives up so easily...
  2. Nevermind folks , I didn't search the forum good enough (my fault). Found something dated from 2005 about using the "Omegarad/Radeon Omega" drivers. And it works perfect now. No artifacts no nothing, just pure speed. I shall try and OC the card (after the system).
    Thanks anyway.
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  3. mitsirfishi

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    negitive when i did it with mine you had to use the omega drivers but your 9800se has to be the model with the L shaped memory which are normally use samsung memory which are square chips not the rectangular ones

    but supposidly you can do it with just any drivers use rivatuner now aswell and just enable it like that like you could on the 6800le' 6800nu

    http://www.techarp.com/showarticle.aspx?artno=101&pgno=0 but here is how i did mine all those years ago :)
  4. Ok , so there was no "huge speed". But no artifacts. The card brand is still "unknown" (i.e. can't remember!).

    However. This is according to ATITool 0.27:
    Chip name R350
    Host Interface AGP
    Catalyst Version 7.10
    Memory size 128 MB
    Memory type DDR
    Memory Bus Width 256Bit (Is this positive? How??)
    Active Pipelines 8 (This IS positive! - No artifacts even!)
    Default GPU Clock 380Mhz (What value to change? Higher or lower??)
    Default Mem Clock 340Mhz (And this??)

    Thankful for any replies.
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  5. mitsirfishi

    mitsirfishi New Member

    Jul 31, 2005
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    Grantham UK, Lincs
    use ati tool and save your bios file somewhere use rabit as if you was going to flash it it should tell you the vender and who manufacured the card mine happened to of been a referance card straight from Ati

    those clock speeds are already running at 9800pro speeds try for a xt speed 412core by 365mem see how your overclocking goes but id recommend better cooling like a arctic vga for the 9800 or the zalman v700alcu or v900 because 9800 where really toasty cards stock cooling is pathetic
  6. Thanks again for the reply!
    I'm using a Arctic Cooling fan (that big one that blows everything out the rear) with it's own AC-hs "paste". I know that the stock one never lasted long, so this was the first part I exchanged in less than a month.

    I shall try the settings you mentioned.
  7. Ok , I have now "Benched" it. Theese are my results:
    GPU Speed : 381,37
    Memory Speed : 340,87
    Final score : 4180,62

    Is this an ok "score" for the clock/mem setting?

    Link to pic of "comparison table" (*.jpg format):

    I would like to know is there any cooler out there that is "better" i.e. can cool better (not watercooled , but FAN). Is Zalman fans any good? I have had this sucker on for a long long time now [3 years or so I think...].
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