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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by bassmasta, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. bassmasta Guest

    when i read that mac could run windows vista, i decided to look at their product line, the idea being a cheap pc w/ same speed. i was astonished, as i looked at the mac pro, there are eight (8) ram slots allowing a working 16 gig ram, and alot of pci-e slots (wasn't sure just how many, but you could get four nvidia cards running together and still have room when i looked at their customise page). i doubt if windows would support this outrageous hardware, but why not? obviously this is a waste of money because there are no public-targeted programs that could use all of that, but why hasn't microsoft worked out a way to do this?:confused:
  2. unsmart

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    Mar 13, 2006
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    You can do all that with a PC[ MACs are Intels now] just the price would be insane But the MAC is probably even more:) It sounds like a Intel server or highend work station board something thats more for OEM use. The MAC mini is a C2D ITX board, your really paying for OS and the high[ compared to most PC OEM] QC that apple provides. They sold out in my book,now we have one desktop CPU standard x86.
    You should see a drop in 3 and 4 slot pci-e x16 when physics comes in to play right now the uses would be for supercomputing using GPGPU tech.
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    Mac Pro is Greencreek, ie Xeon DP. Windows works just fine on it.

    Also, 8 ram slots allow 32GB of RAM, FB DIMM's are freely available in 4GB flavour and the memory controller has no problems with these amounts.

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