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Pictures of Bulldozer and Llano based processors surfaced on the net

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Duckula, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. Duckula New Member

    Nov 5, 2010
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    A forum member over at ZOL, somehow, managed to lay his hands on a bulldozer based processor and a llano based one. He took some pictures of the two processors.


    bulldozer(pins): the bulldozer processor in the picture has 940 pins. It has two pins more than a socket AM3 processor does.

    Llano APU:

    Llano APU(pins): the llano processor has 940 pins as well, but the layout of the pins is a far cry from the bulldozer's.

    According to the poster, the socket perparing for Llano is called Socket FM1.

    He also took a screenshot of CPU-z, but the software wasn't able to identify the Llano processor properly:

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    Soylent Joe says thanks.
  2. trickson

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    Dec 5, 2004
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    Planet Earth.
    Why is it that some foreigner always seems to get there hands on these thing ? So much for American ingenuity ! Man it seems Americans can't get shit except Bird Flue , AKA SARS or Swine Flue !
  3. tigger

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    Mar 20, 2006
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    From google translate-

    By CPU-Z screenshot we can understand, this APU processor clocked at 2.4GHz, the quad-core design, 1MB secondary cache does not provide three levels of cache. But we can not know further details. As for the GPU-side models and performance, this did not give the users. From time to look at this post by posting the truth needs to be verified. But the photos do not have any immediate signs of change, in addition to some necessary modifications. Bulldozers and thus determine the APU is not that far out.

    Digging in that chinese forum, i found this too, mentions llano-


    In addition to the Zambezi River processor bulldozer models, specifications, and today we learned the first time high-performance version of the Llano APU integration of the processor part of the model.

    China earlier this month, Fusion APU conference, we have seen A8-3510M integrated graphics processor and core Radeon HD 6620, but that is the mobile version, today is the desktop version.

    The first "A8-3550", four x86 core, integrated graphics core "Radeon HD 6550", 400 stream processors, comparable to the Radeon HD 5500/5600 series graphics card.

    Paragraph "A8-3450", or four x86 core, graphics core change is called "Radeon HD 6530", reduced to 320 stream processors, the equivalent of Radeon HD 5550.

    Third paragraph "A6-3350", two x86 core, integrated graphics core "Radeon HD 6410", stream processors once again reduced to 160, twice the Radeon HD 5450.

    There we mentioned before, a low-power "E2-3250", two x86 core, integrated graphics core Radeon HD 6370, is 160 stream processors.
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