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RAM speed help and CPU help?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by saadzaman126, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. saadzaman126

    saadzaman126 New Member

    Apr 16, 2008
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    Ontario, Canada
    Hey guys i have 2 questions, firstly I was using CPU-Z and noticed that my processor came up as 800 mhz instead of the 3.0GHZ on my AMD ii X4 640, then like the noob i am, I realized that I had it on a minimum of 5% cpu in the windows power saver settings. So I was wondering, if I change it to make it stay on 3.0 Ghz all the time, in 4-core power mode, will it help in performance? Also, will it harm my processor always plugging it with power necessarily?

    Secondly, I also noticed in CPU-Z that my RAM (Kingston HyperX Genesis 4GB DDR3-1600) was showing up as 667 Mhz instead of the 1600 Mhz it is. I think this is a considerable performance drop from what it could be. So after going into BIOS I saw that my BIOS (MSI 870-G45) shows my RAM at 1333 Mhz which is what my board supports unless I OC. So my question is. How do I get my RAM to actual work at that 1333 Mhz and how can I OC my board to get my RAM to 1600 Mhz?
  2. erocker

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    Jul 19, 2006
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    When your computer needs 3ghz it will switch to it. If you are experiencing slowdowns, perhaps it is not working correctly. Then change it, it will have no negative effect. Your memory is runningat 1333mhz. DDR3 is dual data rate so you multiply the frequency in CPU-Z x 2. Your motherboard may have a RAM divider in your BIOS to set it to 1600mhz. If not, you need to increase yoru HT link until it is at 1600mhz, then adjust your CPU multiplier downward to reach it's desired setting.
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  3. Undead46

    Undead46 New Member

    Feb 16, 2011
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    That's because AMD has something called "Cool'n'Quiet" enabled by default to idle your clock down when computer is not in load to save power consumption.

    Go into your BIOS and disable it if you want your clocks to be at full speed at all times.

    Your ram is showing up as 667MHz which means your running 1333MHz speed.
    You double the value.

    And nearly all DDR3 boards run 1333MHz native, so you can't get 1600MHz unless you set it to that via BIOS.

    I think Bulldozer is supposed to allow for 1800MHz native, but unsure on that.

    So if you want the best out of your RAM's stock speeds, manually set it to 1600MHz in BIOS.
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