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    Visiontek HD 4870 $249.99 @ ncix.com

    I have 2 HD 4870's sitting right ontop of the desk. I was going "wow", still worth money :roll:
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    Apple 10 Years Behind Microsoft on Security: Kaspersky Lab

    Generally I can understand why the comment was made that Apple is generally 10 years behind in the security/malware protection. It's 2012 now, but sometimes I find myself confused when watching movies from 8 to 10 years ago because their really similar to what I see today. Apple has not...
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    Apple Could Discontinue 17-inch MacBook Pro

    Well looking at 2500$ for a starting price, no wonder it's low in sales. Regardless. Apple has a good grip on getting people to spend 300 to 1500$ But the Mac book pro 17 inch fails to deliver an appropriate amount of performance or a neccessary incentive to put a large amount of money...
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    BioWare Announces Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut

    If they charged for the Ending Extra's for Mass-effect 3, it would be a total bull patty of shit in-between rotten bread. An Ending of a game should be included. If this was a Paper. It would have gotten graded a C or worse for missing an conclusion.
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    First gen: iPad. Second Gen: iPad 2. Third gen: iPad. What?

    Exactly, Did not Jobs do that? OF all fud threads against apple. The Ipad is the only product I can see still doing great and their is nothing negative about it. Just personal bias over andriod and iOS. The Ipad is tech design at its best. People might say "there was pad tablets...
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    GK104 PCB Pictured in Full

    :laugh:Yay GK104 competetion here we come! first comment :) AMD has been riding the train alone for a while. Finnally some company. and price competition/ .
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    Discuss my new build with me.

    I have an A05NB Perfect case, with a very very very portable and blending appeal. I have a full ATX motherboard, 750TX corsair psu, a GTX 470 and GTX 260, 3 120mm fan's, and space for ram cooler, network and sound cards, optical drives and plenty of hardrives. and a Corsair H50 wat.cooler...
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    "Isn't PC Gaming Dead?" Asks Roccat

    Idk about that charts accuracy :laugh::roll: I had someone offer me 200$ for my 160gb slim and controller, and that has been more then 1 offer in the past week, and I am not even selling it :laugh: The console market basically consumes 50% of all kids in age groups 6-16. That's not counting...
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    With "Mountain Lion", Apple Drops the "Mac" in OS X

    :laugh: *pets my dog and XP*
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    AMD Pulls Hysterical Cape Verde Marketing Stunt

    I'm sure their are many young/inexperienced minds looking to pay well over 100$+ for 77xx series video cards that are going to be condoned into taking random pills and drugs :slap::slap: If some people think society is that really that weak, if it is or not, then the world is truly coming to...
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    A note from qubit

    you should not have quit even though we bashed you it was because we could and did out of life struggles .:laugh::roll: Exhaling the stress! we still want you bez are newz editorz!`
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    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    its fun :laugh:
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    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    Yeh exactly what I would do when I am recon class. sv98/l96 + Strait bolt + Suppressor + 93r + squad suppression Then I usually end up killing a hole bunch of em, then ending up in enemy lines, and putting spawn points and radar every-time i could get the chance :laugh: But it only takes...
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    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    What would you consider a high rank in bf3, when someone gets into senior status :laugh::eek::rolleyes:
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    Battlefield 3 Clubhouse

    I broke 8,000 kills :laugh: I am looking for 10,000 and the 10 star soon :)