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I will overcome and conquer all adversity. I was born a calm headed problem solver. I have yet to reach my potential, I enjoy fun, to much!! LOL.
... Tough guy can't handle closing the store for a week, even with 2 days off! He's 29 years old, still lives with mommy. Walks around, talks the talk, but, true colors have been shown. He thinks he can leave, and be a tough guy doing it. Reality? Mommy's boy, can't hack.
OK, made it through the weekend. Now it's just a haul for another week. I have one transferred employee, starting tomorrow, and two new hires starting on the 1st! So, just as I promised, my assistant mgr, things are going to get better! We just need to keep our heads down and work throught it! AND, we have another new hire starting after the 1st. Too bad Rob couldn't hack it, He walked out Saturday morning....
Well, just got home from work, I am the new boss. My new manager quit, like the little punk-ass would, by just turning in his keys and walking away. He supposedly has a new job running a fork lift! Seriously? He will be begging for his job back, in 2 weeks. Guaranteed! But, he won't get it back, because why? 3 guesses why. He thinks he is screwing the DM, he's screwing himself!