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Hungry. It's late. Gotta be to work early. I guess I will fix a bowl of cereal and hit the sack. Ordering a pizza at this point, seems like it will take too long, waiting for it, eating it,,,that could take nearly an hour! Breakfast before bed, it is!!
Started modest. Just enough. B350, Ryzen 3, and GTX 1050. I was happy. B350 craps out. I see an X370-F going for less than a new B350. I jump.

PSU is starting to whine bad. Consider moving to a nicer 650w, but the 750w is 2 bucks more. Seasonic.

Now, the sudden wasted potential starts to eat me up inside. 6-phase, 750w... R3?! 1050?! Stupid

So I just nabbed a Ryzen 5 2600. Wonder what Nvidia's up to these days...