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    Solar System

    So it's been shrinking... it won't be the great red spot much longer but soon to be called little red pimple.
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    Mysteries of the Sun

    Bad idea. Iron kills the sun. It's the reason massive star dies, when the element starts fusing into iron, that's it. Iron absorb energy which basically saps the nuclear power of the star's core and stops the convection pressure, allowing gravity to win over and collapse the star.
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    Thin black line on the left side of the screen

    I have 2 identical LCD monitors. One of them has no visible line on top and about 3mm thick line on bottom. On second one there's 1mm line on both top and bottom.
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    Can I change the SSD in Asus Taichi 21?

    Probably not. That uses mini SATA (mSATA) connector and is meant to be installed on computers that already comes with SSD. Computers that comes with hard drive can't fit that without an adapter like this: The adapter comes with holder for 27mm, 50mm, and 70mm long mSATA SSD. You can find...
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    Distant Universe

    The size of known universe is limited only by the light that have reached us, and the oldest light source is only a few hundred million years after the big bang. But really, how big is the actual universe? Since there is no real "center" of the universe, for all we know we're about 50 billion...
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    DRAM chip supply to fall short of demand in 3Q14, say Kingston and Nanya

    Was convenient for me as well. I had a new never-used memory pack that I sold for $180 when I bought it new (edit for under $120 originally) a year earlier due to fluctuating supply and demand price. I originally planned on 4x8GB in my rebuilt rig but I decided by the time I needed more than...
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    [FS][US] EVGA SR-2 mobo, 2x Intel X5650 CPU, more

    Sold or dumped what I had left, please close this thread as there's nothing left available.
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    Now we need to get someone to build a probe with orion engine. With luck it'd arrive in under 600 years.
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    Mars rover says: 'good evening gale crater!'

    Anyone noticed that the wheel on that rover spells out morse code for JPL?
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    Graphene smart contact lenses could give you thermal infrared and UV vision

    Built in HUD please. One that alerts me to speed trap by highlighting the cop car's hidden spot so I can avoid speeding ticket. (image is from Hitman Reborn series, sometime past half way in the series Tsuna gets contact lenses.)
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    Ram prices are crazy need help.

    Remember when memory used to be $200 for 4MB? Megabyte, not GB. 20 years ago
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    Mysteries of the Sun

    The heat would kill the probe long before it could even touch the outter surface. It is about 10k Fahrenheit or 5600 Celsius. All metal, even titanium, melts long before that temperature.
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    PSU woes

    Whiny PSU has been around since they started showing up in home. I had a C64 that whined badly. I had a Powerbook Duo dock that whined ( before I discovered internet or I could have saved $300 on repair) and more. It is almost always an inductor coil. If it's out of warranty, open the PSU and...
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    Still haven't figured how to reach them yet, much less get out of our own solar system. It took a probe a couple decades to get past the outtermost planet and many more years to leave solar system completely.
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    Mysteries of the Sun

    Too bad it's aimed off to the side, no northern lights.