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    8600m GT Driver stopped responding/BSOD

    Hello! Recently picked up my Qosmio G40 from service It worked fine, no problems until 2days ago when I started getting BSOD (stop 116) upon logging into windows. The only way I can escape it is using safe mode/uninstalling the drivers I tried these drivers so far: 186, 195, 250 and the...
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    Asus PCE-N53 issue

    Thanks I'll think about it, but then I think its a bit of a waste since he is letting me use his internet for free:) Someone suggested that I should use a repeater like the ASUS EA-N66. Would that work across two buildings you think?
  3. Activeduke

    Asus PCE-N53 issue

    Hello! Just bought a new wireless network card to replace my Netgear WNDA3100v2 USB wifi card.. My PC is at 1st floor in a window and the router is across the road in my neighbours house. The signal strength is good, but im getting an appalling 100kbs, more or less.:cry: Tried swapping...
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    Sapphire hd5770 vapor-x won't overclock

    Interesting, I'll try installing older driver. Sorry mine is blue.. EDIT: OK I tried installing the 10.12 driver. One thing I noticed is that when using dual displays the default clock is 400/1200 idle. However whenever I apply the OC the clocks drop down to 157/300, thats when I get the...
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    Sapphire hd5770 vapor-x won't overclock

    Found out that when disconecting the other display the tearing stopped. now I can overclock it pretty much without any bugs on the screen. Wierd...
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    Sapphire hd5770 vapor-x won't overclock

    Ok I tried the Afterburner and Trixx, but I could not adjust the voltage (in trixx I could only lower it). When I tried overclocking this time all the artifacts moved from the 2nd display to my prim. display.. Oh well thanks for the help anyways:) I'll consider getting a new card then.
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    Sapphire hd5770 vapor-x won't overclock

    Hmmm thought the hd5770 cards were great at overclocking. Must have gotten a bad card then. I will try Afterburner, but modding the BIOS is prob beyond me..
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    Sapphire hd5770 vapor-x won't overclock

    So I tried overclocking my 5770, and if I raise either the GPU clock or the memory clock I get some nasty screen tearing/artifacts on my 2nd screen (1280x1024 LCD) and some small artifacts on my primary screen (1080p LED). The GPU clock gets max 860MHz and the memory clock wont overclock at...
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    All-Bamboo Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo Awaits X'mas Sales

    Now where did I put that lemon oil?:ohwell:
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    AMD Realizes That Bulldozer Has 800 Million LESS Transistors Than It Thought!

    Maybe we will see an FX 8250 or 8170 with actually 2billion transistors in the future..? Meh.. :banghead:
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    Several Entry-thru-mid Radeon HD 7000 GPUs Mere Rebrands

    So my old x1650 Pro was just an x1300 xt.. Knew there was something wrong with the card performance wise. 512mb mega slow ddr2 ram.. God i hated that card:banghead:
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    New motherboard for laptop (Toshiba qosmio G40)

    Hmm I somehow knew I would get that answer.. Ive been inside the laptop quite a few times without harming it after it broke down, and its been in 4 or 5 times for repairs. The Gpu (8600M) failed 2 or 3 times and a power chip also failed once. All this only the last year.. :( sad to see the...
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    New motherboard for laptop (Toshiba qosmio G40)

    My dear Qosmio G40 is starting to break down all the time :mad: , so is there any way to get a new motherboard and maybe a motherboard with a new socket and DDR3? many thanks :toast:
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    LCD monitors VRS LED monitors.

    As far as I know LED monitors have much better contrast then LCD and being more power efficient. Seing that the LED monitor is also cheaper I would say its a win-win:toast:
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    Help to chose new budget watercooling

    Ok, bought the Corsair H80 instead:) cant fit it properly in my case so im getting an Antec 900 from a buddy. Very happy with it so far, very quiet and 29c idle with small OC. The fans are extremely noisy at startup, but i can live with that :toast: