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    Ryzen 7950X3D with One CCD Disabled

    YOU DID NOT READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE. This is covered in the article, before he even starts the benches!
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    AMD Navi 31 RDNA3 GPU Pictured

    Yes that is cache and memory controller.
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    AMD Ryzen 9 7950X

    Yes I agree sort of. The chip runs and the max speed the cooler is capable of, ANY cooler. Want max performance? Build your own. To go with a car analogy, BMW makes cars for driving or for racing. The biggest difference after the increase in HP is the radiator. A typical bmw is designed to do...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 7950X

    Tomshardware has a nice graph to show efficiency improvments.. If you have been doing deep dives into cpu architecture for 20 years like I have then this stuff pretty simple. (I got into the more geeky side of this when amd released the k6-iii) If you just started looking at this it is kind of...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 7950X

    You're still thinking the old way. Just turn on PBO, give it a good cooler, and you might find it boosting beyond 5.1. It will run as fast as it can for as long as it needs to, once the job is complete it will setting back down to idle. This is the same way laptop cpu's operate. there is some...
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    AMD Ryzen 9 7950X

    Everyone is all up in arms over 95c temps. Let me explain from my point of view: So if you have a 200watt cooler and stick a cpu that could output 200wats but wont because it will only output 150watts then you have 50watts of untapped power. It will run cool and will always run cool but that...
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    AMD Answers Our Zen 4 Tech Questions, with Robert Hallock

    BTW: ECC is baked into DDR5. There is no such thing as NON-ecc ddr5 ram. (eh... kinda sorta wrong I guess) MORE INFO: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DDR5_SDRAM
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    BTW: I use Starlink for my internet

    Still the odd hicccup. Son can play warzone with his friends and minor issues with lag, movement jumps, or disconnects. Wife was mostly ok during zoom meetings etc teaching ASL to college students. Paramount+ still a little glitchy. Hulu, Netflix, youtube, Disney+ are all fine. I'd give it a...
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    Old PC Vs new

    When I compare my old machine to my new one it is quite a boost in performance. The 80% of the boost is from a video card that is 4 times faster (6800xt from 580 8gb). The rest is a better cpu, more ram, and moving to a nvme drive from a 500gb ssd. Where before I was constantly hunting for...
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    What's your happiest/saddest computer/IT related memories?

    Pretty much every computer I've built for personal use: Almost one from every generation! 386 with a 387match co, 486, 486 dx2, dx4, pentium 233, duron, athlon, athlon x2, core 2 duo, core 2 quad, core i7 2600k. really like my current machine for gaming a dell alienware with 5600x and Radon...
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    The RX 6000 series Owners' Club

    I have not really looked at overclocking the card. Does not seem to need it. The CPU has PBO turned on and ram is running at 3200. I have replaced the front fan and water cooler fan with some high-end corsair fans (radiator is now in fan sandwich) so the machine is quieter. Other than that I'm...
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    leaving powerstrip on all the time, is it safe?

    Yup a backup is not just ONE copy.
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    The RX 6000 series Owners' Club

    BTW, i like the 6800xt, I got a friend who knew I had a rx580 8gb, I told him I was finally playing borderlands 3 for the time and I got a new gigabyte ultra wide screen monitor (3440x1440)... "Oh? so what setting you running the game at? Isn't it laggy?" "All of em to the max.... :D not laggy...
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    leaving powerstrip on all the time, is it safe?

    Hope the ext hdd is not plugged in all the time... Only plug it when you are perfoming a backup. Otherwise a lightning strike or an infection can take your backup along with your main machine.
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    The RX 6000 series Owners' Club

    I got a Radeon 6800xt, in a dell Alienware r10 does that count? :D