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    Intel Atom-based Puma 6 Modem Chipset has Severe Latency Issues, Many Cable Modems Affected

    I guess I'm more so surprised that any tech publications I frequent actually wrote anything about it. It's a pretty big problem but this is the first time I've seen anyone outside of DSLR mention it.
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    Intel Atom-based Puma 6 Modem Chipset has Severe Latency Issues, Many Cable Modems Affected

    Surprised to see this mentioned here to be honest. Being in Canada, most if not all of the DOCSIS 3.0 modems available from the major cable internet providers here use the Puma 6 chipset. In my case, I have the Hitron CDA3. Since we can only use approved modem models, there isn't really anything...
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    ENERMAX CPU Coolers Fully Support the Latest FX AMD Processors

    Seems odd that they would just announce support now when the CPUs have been on the market for months already.
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    AMD to Webcast GPU '14 Product Showcase

    Not sure if he was referring to GTX Titan or the game Titanfall. :laugh:
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    AMD FX-9590 5 GHz Processor Benchmarks Surface, Great Performance At A Price

    Yeah because you know, it's not like AMD has any other products. Oh wait...
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    Lian Li Announces New PC-Q13 Curved Chassis

    You mean you're not a fan of the PC-888?! :laugh:
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    Crysis 3 PC System Requirements Detailed

    But then right below that is the Phenom II X2 which does not have HT. There goes that theory. :P
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    Samsung Plans Series 7 Gamer Notebook Refresh

    Is it just me or does she look really fake like she's made of plastic or something? Especially her face.
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    ASUS ROG ZEUS Fuses LGA2011 Motherboard with Dual-GPU Graphics

    I think it would actually be a really nice board if they removed this whole dual GPU thing integrated onto the board and just put plain and proper PCI-Express slots instead.
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    ASUS Shows off Trio of TUF Sabertooth Z77 Design Concepts

    It's like ASUS said to themselves "hey, let's manufacture the ugliest boards we can think of and see how many people are stupid enough to buy them!"
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    Sapphire Pure White B75M-MA Motherboard Detailed

    Well you see, the board was originally white but someone took a crap on the PCB so now it's brown. :p
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    LEPA Readies Liquid CPU Cooler with Slim Block

    At least it looks a bit different and not just another rebranded Asetek/CoolIT design.
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    ASUS Intros DVD Writer with 50% Lower Power Draw

    You can save 100% of the power by not bothering with a DVD drive at all. ;)
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    been used to IPS 2560x1440, played 1080p today...

    Yeah I was just gonna say...resolution doesn't have anything to do with colours.