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    Editorial Bitcoin Drops Below the $40,000-mark, Raises Hopes of Graphics Card Availability

    Bitcoin price drop are too short and Will go up again soon. It will not last long enuff to make big difference in gpu prices. Will need something more sadly
  2. awesomesauce

    Valve Set to Start Shipping its Steam Deck in February

    i wish they would have ship a new game with the console too..
  3. awesomesauce

    AMD's Lisa Su Confirms Zen 4 is Using Optimised TSMC 5 nm Node, 2D and 3D chiplets

    Is intel gonna use this nodes too?
  4. awesomesauce

    Playstation VR 2

    Yeah i was woundering why it would not have come up on main page already. It will probably will . I think CES is taking alot of space these days. for the VR2 i like the spec and was searching for pictures of the headset but didnt find it on official post. they have also annonce a game from horizon
  5. awesomesauce

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 To Integrate NFTs, Offer a Winner the Chance to Become In-Game "Metahuman"

    Please can you explain me more in terms of what NFT gonna ´´kill’’ art. Because from my understanding it make digital art kind of certified for the author/artist so no one can copy it.
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    Editorial Intel CEO Writes Opinion Piece on CNN Asking For Government Support

    That literally the Chinese gov plan. Now usa want to copy That’s how chips war gonna start i guess (if not already started) China Focuses on 3rd Generation Semiconductors in Aim for Self-Sufficiency | TechPowerUp
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    Omni Remotes launches "perpetual" remote control

    look like Apple remote with ads on it
  8. awesomesauce

    FTC Sues to Block $40 Billion Semiconductor NVIDIA and Arm Chip Merger

    So ARM can only be sold to another bank? every compagnie now make their “own” chip Also Waiting the response of softbank if They still want to try to sold ARM again
  9. awesomesauce

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti to Feature 21 Gbps GDDR6X Memory

    reduce the price of 3090 and make 3090ti the price of 3090 was. job done
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    Jon Peddie Research: Q3 Graphics Card Shipments Increase by 12% Year-over-Year

    Scalpers and bitcoin make gpu world unstable +china problem back in the days, when a high GPU demanding game was released, it was time to upgrade (making it high gpu demand) but not anymore
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    Hexus.net and Bit-Tech.net Bid Farewell, Former Staff Tease New Online Venture

    hexus.net will be missed. had great design et clear layout been there for some review and was helpful
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    computer-1, a Mini-ITX chassis

    200$US for mini itx case :kookoo:
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    Two Dead Samsung TVs in 5 years?

    i never been a fan of samsung product in general. for TV i go panasonic, LG or Sony
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    Intel CEO Cites Brexit as Reason for Chip Fab Plans in UK Not an Option

    you know you need more than a chip to make a PS5 right?