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    EVGA Introduces New BA Series Of Power Supplies

    I was wondering if the power supply would "Pity the fool" :D
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    Jonsbo Unveils the V8 Cuboidal Mini-ITX Case

    Having owned a Jonsbo case in the back it will be a very reasonably priced aluminium affair, worth a look
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    COUGAR Launches its First Ergonomic Chair ARGO

    ARGO heh, the movie was fun
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    DeepCool Intros White Variants of its DQ-M V2L Power Supplies

    I thought for a second those cables were sleeved and was almost very impressed indeed The connector layout does look Seasonic though and with a good warranty this might be an option
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    EA, Motive and Lucasfilm Announce Star Wars: Squadrons

    Me too, could be an exciting gaming year
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    EA, Motive and Lucasfilm Announce Star Wars: Squadrons

    So I hear this gets VR too, so all EA bashing aside I'm hoping me and my buddies can have a hoot in this :)
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    Editorial Has The Epic Games Store Helped or Hindered the PC Gaming Market?

    Initially I was annoyed at the need for Yet another game launcher Gta IV finally became the most insane game to own on Steam as you had to sign into Steam, Rockstar Socialclub and Games for Windows Live to play it. However thinking about how we yearn for more CPU and GPU manufacturers to make...
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    HyperX Refreshes Pudding Keycaps for Enhanced RGB Lighting and Improved Durability

    That is great to know, I think its because they are more Ducky than Hyperx :) Definitely on my shopping list cheers
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    Cooler Master Intros MasterFan ARGB + PWM Hub: Control Both Speed and Lighting

    This looks a little more like it, standard PWM connectors and 3 pin ARGB should be great for compatibility and finally one that controls fan speed and not just the lights with fans at full whack
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    HyperX Refreshes Pudding Keycaps for Enhanced RGB Lighting and Improved Durability

    well I am now trying to decide which colour to get
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    Lenovo Delivers Robust Revenue and All-Time Record Pre-Tax Income for FY19-20

    This is because we all bought VR isn't it? :)
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    Epic Games Store Set To Offer Partial Refunds For Recent Sales

    Ok so Epic are working hard to win us all back, I am happy to give them a chance the platform is pretty good after all. We just need the Meerkat comparison site (UK) to do games as well now :)
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    ID-Cooling Rolls Out ZF-12025 in Four New Pastel Colors

    hopefully they turn out ok , it's always nice to have more choice and it is something different
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    AOC Achieves #1 Global Gaming Monitor Market Share

    CQ32G1 since launch I think its about a year ago now, its a VA panel I get my 144Hz huge curved screen, colours are pretty good not IPS good but way better than TN and the response time to my eyes are just fine.