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    ARCHOS Unveils the Vision 215 All-in-One PC

    Hmm.... not enough power for my mom to use. All she does it troll on facebook and buy shit on amazon. It's close though.... No thanks, due to the Atom chip and low memory.
  2. Basard

    AMD Provides Support for BIOS Update on 2nd Gen Ryzen - Boot Kit Available

    So... update your BIOS before installing a CPU that your current BIOS doesn't support. Got it.
  3. Basard

    Dead Space Available for Free on Origin

    A $1500 value! Not IMO, to each their own though. I'd rather spend it on cheeseburgers. :P
  4. Basard

    Newegg Repents for Overpricing AMD APUs by Partially Refunding Customers

    Then they couldn't be everyone's hero!
  5. Basard

    Dead Space Available for Free on Origin

    I've seen it, don't like it.... Already have Steam, that's bad enough. Meh.
  6. Basard

    Just got an FX8300 Black edition today.

    I had mine running at at 1.46v or so. 4.6Ghz.... I tortured that 8300. I think I had 1.55v set in BIOS for a boot or two, but as soon as I saw the LLC was bumping it to 1.62v under load I settled down a little. Needless to say, that chip started showing signs of death after about a year. I...
  7. Basard

    X2 Releases the New PENTA Gamer Case

    Perfect! Ive been looking for a case that will accept my Quantum Bigfoots... er bigfeet.
  8. Basard

    Rule of thumb games for geforce series 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,..... ?

    Forsaken and Quake 2 were big benches to run when Voodoo2 and TNT were a thing. I think 100FPS was the score to shoot for on Forsaken. The original Half-Life also ran well on the TNT. I remember being extremely disappointed when I finally played Forsaken on the N64--the graphics were...
  9. Basard

    Thermaltake Releases World's First AI Voice Controlled Digital Power Supply

    I was going to post some smart-assed comment.... until this picture popped up into my post. Yeah, I clicked on it to view it about five minutes ago, just like I have with a million others. WTF! The internet is giving me the heebie-jeebies lately. I'm not even forty yet and I think it's...
  10. Basard

    NDRC, Samsung to Sign MOU That Could Moderate DRAM Prices, Increase Production

    SO they will just sign a piece of paper that says we all have to pay out the nose for RAM until we die from DDR3 poisoning.
  11. Basard

    Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX Vega 56 Spotted for the First Time

    Lots of people would care if more people took my stance, hell, I wont buy a used card that was even born in the mining era now. I don't care how many acronyms get thrown at me, I'm not joining the "free money" club. And if I ever did, I sure wouldn't tell anybody. Miners and and a lot of...
  12. Basard

    Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX Vega 56 Spotted for the First Time

    I can't wait until they follow Beanie Babies into oblivion.... And I won't pay a red cent for any GPU that I suspect was used for mining--just to rub it into their faces. (I can dream, can't I?)
  13. Basard

    AMD Reveals Specs of Ryzen 2000G "Raven Ridge" APUs

    Yrah, Intel did, but did you see the package size?