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    V-Color PRISM II RGB DDR4-3600 MHz CL18 2x8 GB

    How to ruin RGB: Put colored plastic over the LEDs. What were they thinking?? :kookoo:
  2. Basard

    Is it a must to install Windows 10 from a flash USB Drive?

    The last install I did, a few months ago, was right from Microsoft's website. Fully updated, and right from my old install on my C: drive. No media or nothin. Just tell it to erase everything. But yeah, having the USB would be handy.
  3. Basard

    Intel Core i9-9900KS

    You could always buy an FX chip and an RX 570 if u want that sweet console experience on a PC. :roll:
  4. Basard

    WCG - 15th Birthday Challenge

    Well, you're doing a good amount of the work around here, aren't you? Does nobody know where Norton is?
  5. Basard

    ADATA XPG Spectrix S40G 1 TB M.2 NVMe

    I'm sure they could just lay an LCD over the top of the entire thing somehow......
  6. Basard

    Intel Clarifies on 10nm Desktop CPUs: Still on the Table, Likely in 2021

    Can't get them sweet, 5Ghz+ clocks out of it yet perhaps?
  7. Basard

    Silicon Power Unveils the P34A60 M.2 NVMe SSD

    I shall not google or 'Zon! (actually, I did google the part number, and all I got in return was a buncha shoes and a link back to TPU! I rely on TPU!!!:lovetpu: What is the PRICE!?!?!?!? I just wanna TB for less than $100, and this drive seems like it will fill the sweet spot!
  8. Basard

    EVGA Announces GeForce RTX 2070 Super Ultra+ Series with Overclocked Memory

    Are they not though? I'm just glad it's not Asus! lol :laugh: If you're really lucky, one day it will be Gigabyte! Can't wait for the Super Ultra Ti FX Black Edition!
  9. Basard

    Silicon Power Unveils the P34A60 M.2 NVMe SSD

    Seems pretty basic to me, for an NVME..... WHAT IS PRICE!?
  10. Basard

    CORSAIR Updates Headset Lineup with New VOID ELITE and HS PRO Headsets

    I've been wearing the HS60 for about a year now, 3 hours a day, prolly. I was pretty apprehensive about the softness of the ear circles (my glasses arms poke into them). They've held up without a flaw so far.
  11. Basard

    Arctic Releases the Liquid Freezer II Series AIO CPU Coolers

    OOoooo! FANcy! I gotta five-pack of the P140 fans a few months ago, they are pretty nice--for cheap fans. It's a crappy illustration, that's their thing.
  12. Basard

    EIZO Introduces Limited Edition Foris Nova Dsplay: 21" 4K OLED, HDR, and 60Hz

    If the shoe-thing fits (or, uh, doesn't fit)......... lol, jk dude. It's just fun to pick the render apart. Like how his legs are crossed, but his knees don't really seem to line up properly. Look at the seat cushion on the left. Look how HUGE his hand is compared to his face.
  13. Basard

    EIZO Introduces Limited Edition Foris Nova Dsplay: 21" 4K OLED, HDR, and 60Hz

    He is obviously a man who has servants to do things that require backs on their shoes.... Like holding the magnifying glass in front of his tiny monitor. And he IS obviously watching porn... Can anybody see where his other hand is?!
  14. Basard

    Cooler Master Debuts New CPU Air Cooler MasterAir MA620M

    What's up with the results for the Corsair water coolers on those graphs.... Somehow the more voltage you throw at it the cooler the chips runs???