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    PowerColor Radeon RX 7600 Hellhound

    This one and yesterday's Asus have three heatpipes. The others (Pulse and reference) have just two.
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    Gigabyte X670 AORUS Elite AX

    If you need hi-fi you must buy external DAC anyway. Motherboard is crossroad of EMI and even if manufacturers do their best the same chip will always work better in external metal case than on the mainboard. Aorus Master B650E has ESS chip which is IMO wasting.
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    AUO's 540 Hz Display Panel is Based on E-TN Technology

    Does exist some double-blind study proving that people are able to distinguish or perceive such a high refresh rates or is it a video*) snake oil? *) An analogy to audio snake oil where various cables or devices for hundred or thousand dollars do literally nothing.
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    Retro Shooter Supplice Available Now Via Early Access, For Fans of Doom and Marathon

    Screenshots look like the game is also for fans of 320x200 resolution. :)
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    TOPPING E70/E70 VELVET DACs + L70 Amplifier Desktop Stack

    I got L30/E30 (both the first version) with one AK4493 (version II has pair) and works well (under Linux). L30 is set to the lowest gain since it has really enough power. I would buy them again. IMO selection of good headphones is an alchemy while selection of good DAC/HedAmp is easy these days.
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    Noctua Introduces NA-FG1 Fan Grills with Offset Push-pin Mounting

    Some measurement: https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Effects-of-Grill-Patterns-on-Fan-Performance-Noise-107/ You can of course buy a no-name grill for ~2EUR but that's another story.
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    Samsung 990 PRO Flagship SSD Has an Endurance Problem, Users Notice Rapid Drive-Health Drops

    Note that TBW is almost impossible to test. We have to believe to manufacturer. We have detailed reviews here on TPU, synthetic benchmarks, real world benchmarks and even pictures from thermal camera. But do the drives have really declared TBW? That's unanswered.
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    Micron Delivers the World's Most Advanced Client SSD Featuring 232-Layer NAND Technology

    It is mentioned, those are dramless SSDs, focused on low power consumtion (for laptops?) And IMO, their in-house controllers are - well not bad but definitely not the best.
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    Gigabyte X670E AORUS Master

    It's interesting that the smaller brother of this board - Aorus Master B650E - has both chipset slots PCIe 4.0.
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    Kingston Digital Leads Channel SSD Shipments in 2021

    There are listed third-party suppliers only (non-semiconductor companies). That's why there isn't Samsung, WD, Kioxia, Micron or SK Hynix.
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    Team17 Launches Batora: Lost Haven

    Team 17 - I remember their Alien Breed and Poject-X from Amiga times.
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    AMD Announces RDNA 3 GPU Launch Livestream

    I also prefer AMD because of their open-source Linux drivers. Therefore, I was surprised that nVidia opened the drivers too: https://www.phoronix.com/review/nvidia-open-kernel in May. I somehow missed this info, I don't know if it was published here, I know it week or two.
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    Solidigm Introduces the P44 Pro - the World's Premier Enthusiast Solid-State Drive (SSD)

    I hope they'll be available in Europe. Hynix P31 Gold was listed on Amazon.de but stated "Item cannot be delivered to your adress (CZ)". P41 Platinum is available on Amazon.com but not on Amazon.de.
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    AMD Cuts Down Ryzen 7000 "Zen 4" Production As Demand Drops Like a Rock

    In fact, there are just three chipsets A, B and X. The E means that mainboard has a few layers of PCB more and is capable to run at PCIe 5.0 speeds. Motherboards without E are expensive. Motherboards with E are very expensive.
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    ASUS GeForce RTX 4090 STRIX OC

    Founders Edition for $1600 and other AiB cards for $1700 for literally 1% higher performance. Here it is $2000 for 2-3% from ASUS. It seems that each percent more is for $100 :). nVidia doesn't give much space for AiB for overclocking cards. No wonder EVGA left that bussiness.