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    ICYMI: 16GB Arc A770 Priced Just $20 Higher than 8GB; A770 Starts Just $40 Higher Than A750

    As somone that replaces their GPU yearly, multiple times on the same build (recently had a 6800, 6600xt, 3060 and 3080) and that builds PCs since 2004, it's clear to me that you are a nvidia shill. "Stability" my ass, the past 2 years I've had more issues with Geforces than AMDs. nVidias HDMI...
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    Edifier Announce The S1000W Wireless Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker

    I have the Edifier R1700BT which I paid around 100 USD and it is amazing for the price (have had AudiEngines, massive tower speakers, etc. so I have some baseline for comparison) but if spending 450 USD... I'd probably look for a more prestigious brand
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider: XeSS vs. DLSS Comparison

    to you, in my eyes it has always been too blurry, FSR 2.0 any day for me
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    EA and KOEI TECMO Reveal WILD HEARTS, a New AAA Hunting Game Coming February 17, 2023

    looks a bit more mystical and perhaps with a darker vibe? if yes then it might interest me
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    Intel 13th Gen Core "Raptor Lake" Desktop Processors Launched: +15% ST, +41% MT Uplift

    Incorrect. The cause for these temps is because AMD, much like what happens on all mobile SOCs, decided to boost the frequency (power and temperature) all the way to 95 degrees to achieve higher frequencies, so better cooling like an AIO don't decrease temps much, but instead produce higher...
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    Early European Pricing for Socket AM5 X670E Motherboards Appear Online

    hmm your USB issues might be Linux related, never had anything on my x370 nor B550, but in the other hand you don't require Windows 11 so good for you yeah pricing seems crazy, I anticipated that so decided to build during the last black Friday, getting a 5800X+B550+fast DDR4 for great prices...
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    Early European Pricing for Socket AM5 X670E Motherboards Appear Online

    good deal yes but don't know what you are talking about regarding AGESA issues, that was a problem with Zen1... I have a Zen1 system and another Zen3 that I built for cheaps during the last black Friday, all rock solid Intel actually had multiple issues when releasing these new big.Little arch...
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    AMD Radeon RX 7000-series RDNA3 GPUs Approach 4 GHz GPU Clocks

    hope that 64GB isn't for gaming... or will be under utilized by 70%+ during its lifetime
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    ZOTAC RTX 4090 Graphics Card Pictured

    Mining is dead.
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    NVIDIA Readies GeForce RTX 3060 8GB and RTX 3060 Ti G6X

    Intel has given up on Arc and discrete retail GPUs, check Moore Law is Dead
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    Red Dead Redemption 2: DLSS vs. FSR 2.0 Comparison

    Any comparison I look between FSR 2 vs DLSS 2, the latter is always blurred to my eyes, may as well drop to 1080p and have more fps
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    Red Dead Redemption 2: DLSS vs. FSR 2.0 Comparison

    DLSS blurry as always
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 12GB and 16GB to Launch Simultaneously

    the market is flooded with Ampere/RDNA2, used cards from mining will start dropping HARD after the ETH merge scheduled for next week... also, according to leaks, RDNA3 is massively more efficient than nVidia's 4000 series, and will compete at 4080/4090 levels then add inflation, global economic...
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    AMD Confirms DDR5-6000 as "Sweetspot" Memory OC Frequency for Ryzen 7000

    yeah so I built my 5800X last black Friday and I couldn't find on Amazon US / AU any decent 32GB quad rank kit with 2 sticks - by decent I mean 3600C16 and costing <200USD. Tried BHPhoto as well, don't have access to Newegg or Microcenter. So in the end I bought a 4x8GB Crucial 3600C16 and...
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    AMD Confirms DDR5-6000 as "Sweetspot" Memory OC Frequency for Ryzen 7000

    "2 DIMMS are always better than four" wrong for Ryzen, 4 ranks has always been best, the difference in performance between 2 vs 4 ranks can be almost 10% in games, plenty of benchmarks / reddit / famous German overclocker videos show that now, finding dual rank DDR4 isn't easy (not sure about...