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    Help with Surround Windowed Resolution

    Hi, I play all games on windowed using a 7870 on my eyefinity 3x 1080p portrait system normally at 3072x1280 i just got a GTX 960 and am trying to find the option to set that resolution but i am not seeing this option anywhere. In the catalyst control center there is a customize eyefintiy...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Put Through 3DMark

    Hmmm is no one expecting better performance when the drivers mature? Not sure why is everyone is flipping out already when these results are not even from proper review.
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    Choose R9 290 Series for its 512-bit Memory Bus: AMD

    The $190 used on Ebay is my price point. Thank you Nvidia, i have never and will never pay more than $200 for a single component.
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    Aerocool Announces the Dead Silence Case Fans

    Did these ever come out? http://www.techpowerup.com/185220/noctua-redoes-award-winning-fans-in-black.html
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    Next-Generation AMD Radeon Series Nomenclature Detailed

    Actually this looks to be exactly like Intel Core i series Radeon R9 170 and Core i7 4770 I7 = R9 = Radeon 79xx series I5 = R8 = Radeon 78xx series 4770 4th generation = 1xx first generation since they are restarting over. the XX would be either 30, 50, 70 or 90 if AMD keeps their same...
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    EIZO Releases DuraVision FDF2405W Monitor with 240 Hz Refresh Rate

    Is there anyone on these forums that does not have DP capable device? My Dell E6410 from 3 years ago has one.
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    MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning Pictured

    I know the question was not directed at me but i find these two cards pretty pleasing
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    Dell Rolls Out Latitude 7000 Series Ultrabooks

    Comparing prices between laptop sizes and thickness is a no go. The R&D and engineering required to make small and slim laptops that are reliable are pretty costly. A 14" inch alternative to this laptop would be the Clevo W740SU but with the Dell you are also paying for that sweet business...
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    Dell Rolls Out Latitude 7000 Series Ultrabooks

    You can get a 1080p panel for both models why is TPU not reporting things accurately? http://partnerdirect.dell.com/sites/channel/Documents/Dell-Latitude-7000-Series-Ultrabooks-Spec-Sheet.pdf
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    Triplex Shows Off Slot-powered Radeon HD 7850

    Been running a 6670 in an Optiplex 360 Desktop (not the tower) with a 225W PSU for over a year. That machine has 100s of hours of game time on there with no problem. You don't need an I5/I7 to have a great machine just like you don't need a 450W+ PSU to get your game on.
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    OCZ Launches the Vertex 450 Series Solid State Drives

    My aglity 2 is running as strong today as the day i got it. I don't know i need to come to every OCZ thread to say this but Intel, crucial and Samsung are not the only reliable SSD makers out there.
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    Cooler Master Announces N200, N400, and N600 Cases

    nice, nice, nice love the look, reminds me of the new Dell Precision workstations which are pure sex. Comes with a 3.5" external slot for my SD card reader and no door to block access to it and make it look like a fridge. Even has a window to boot. My next case ftw. Its sold out already lol.
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    Samsung Series 9 Premium Ultrabook with Full HD Resolution Now Available

    What are you smoking? gaming? why should a piece of hardware be judged by %10 of its capabalities? You must own a major OEM company to know that the parts, R&D and packaging costs $500. You must be part of the gang that wants GTX titans for $300 and 8 core xeons for $200.
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    Sharp PN-K321H 4K IGZO Monitor Priced

    Nice, in 5 years the price might go down to 1k and stay there like the 30 inchers. I'll buy one then
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    NEC Intros the MultiSync EA244WMI 24-Inch IPS Monitor

    the one you linked is 16:9 1920x1080.