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  1. Condelio

    Outer Worlds Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    thanks for your gameplay impressions... once again i find them more valuable than many gaming site's reviews
  2. Condelio

    Gears 5 Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

    great work as always! lately i find myself reading these performance tests more for your personal gameplay impressions than the performance numbers.. its the kind of wording that one would use with a friend to talk about a game
  3. Condelio

    COLORFUL Debuts iGame Z390 Vulcan X Motherboard

    Beautiful board
  4. Condelio

    ID-Cooling Intros IS-60 Low Profile Top Flow CPU Cooler

    Id-cooling is-25 looks suspiciously similar to Silverstone ar-04 so i wouldn't be surprised if this one is the same as other silverstone product. At least is a cheap way of getting silverstone-y products in argentina. Hope this one shows up at some point in the future
  5. Condelio

    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces the Huracan (G21)

    Silverstone's rvz01 / ftz01/rvz01E / ftz01E have internal psus and all in 14 liters... Rvz01 and ML08, 12 liters .. the newer E variants even have ATX power supplies..neither of them needs to have a window opened to get excellent thermals (i got myself an ftz01 and i'm loving it's noise and...
  6. Condelio

    Noctua Announces Two AM4-compatible Low-profile Coolers

    Damn! That refreshed nh-L12 sounds and looks great... Even comes with am4 support...too bad i bought original nh-L12 2 weeks ago and didn't even install it
  7. Condelio

    Be Quiet! Announces Shadow Rock TF 2 CPU Cooler

    Would've loved to install one of these in my ftz01 to properly cool a 7700k
  8. Condelio

    Temperature Spikes Reported on Intel's Core i7-7700, i7-7700K Processors

    for science... what cpu cooler are you using? nice temps! =)
  9. Condelio

    GIGABYTE Offers Another Free Thunderbolt 3 Upgrade

    Any news of z170n-gaming 5 support? Apparently it's Last firmware supports tb3... Still Don't have any accesory to try the unofficial functionality
  10. Condelio

    GIGABYTE GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming Detailed Some More

    Totally offtopic sorry but this is the chance i've been waiting! human contact! Do you know if giga is planning on adding official support for tb3 in ga-z170n gaming 5 itx mobo, as it has alpine ridge onboard? Would make it the perfect itx board for this chipset generation
  11. Condelio

    Intel Core i7-7700K "Kaby Lake" Processor Detailed

    Started building my skylake itx build in november...life happened during this months.. Only thing left is a 6700k cpu... Didn't know if buy it or wait for kaby... and if my skylake z170 mobo would work with a 7700k.. Only thing nice with this small advancements is that your investment lasts a...