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    Apple Subpoenas Valve for Steam's Data on 346 Games

    Well, you should stop buying overpriced phones from apple...
  2. csendesmark

    Gabe Newell Confirms That Valve Has Multiple Games In Development

    came hare to say this :D
  3. csendesmark

    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from TPU!

    Merry Christmas!
  4. csendesmark

    PNY Announces 1TB PRO Elite SDXC Flash Memory Card

    Pro Elite - V30 rating :laugh: would like to see what would be the rating for a "Normal Regular" 8X CD-ROM speed?
  5. csendesmark

    XPG Unveils VENTO PRO 120 PWM Fan

    This is looks exactly as the good old Scythe Gentle Typhoon Which I had several and loved! My only 3 pin versions and no PWM :( But the construction is awesome, hope I can get it here!
  6. csendesmark

    CORSAIR K100 RGB Mechanical Keyboard

    Why we can't have a "normal" enter key anymore?
  7. csendesmark

    Samsung Delivers Next-Level SSD Performance with 980 PRO

    Speed is promising, but the TBW sounds mild for me. I bought my 970 PRO 512GB just because the fairly good speed an very good endurance.
  8. csendesmark

    Portwell Builds Intel Xeon Motherboard with 20 USB Ports

    20 USB3 +2 LAN ports on the back is like the ideal look for my motherboard. Wish we had more of these :D
  9. csendesmark

    Seagate Delivers Enterprise-Ready Exos 18 TB Hard Drive Designed for Hyperscale Applications

    This is great news, Can't wait to get a 8~10GB unit for cheaper! :D
  10. csendesmark

    Which new console would you buy?

    how about none of those? PC gamer master race option should be present you would be still be able capture the difference in those two consoles popularity
  11. csendesmark

    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Now Free on Epic Games Store

    I am sticking with Steam, Epic should no use this tactics
  12. csendesmark

    TSMC Says it Still Won't Build a Fab in the US

    Maybe he does not Or maybe the USA won't station troops there for free and that maybe will change the tmsc's opinion on things South Korea is happy to pay up, that's for sure Will see how that works on Taiwan, ...but I am sure some of the locals wouldn't be happy...
  13. csendesmark

    Biostar Announces the A10N-9630E MINI ITX Quad Core SoC Motherboard

    Good to see some refreshment in this segment, But sad to see D-sub VGA connector, why no DP and HDMI only? Also only 2 SATA where the SATA2 is disabled if the m.2 is occupied... Hoping that ASUS and Gigabyte not abandoning this market. @Baum YES! And I love my ASUS E35M1-M PRO mobo for low...