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    [Battle-Box ROG]

    subbed! got to be my favourite modder!
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    New hardware required

    Majority of the time I tell her it costs half the price, she gets annoyed if i spend more money on my car or pc stuff than her! If its real expensive or wasteful then i got to hide it lol but fuck em, i work for my money!
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    FiberToHome $8K worth it?

    Sounds perfect! we'd need a dumper then i wouldnt get bored being banksman lol looks like easy dig as well... shame i cant go to the US lol
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    FiberToHome $8K worth it?

    After that get in contact with a few groundwork companies and ask for a quote, explain the situation. Then give the ISP a counter offer.
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    FiberToHome $8K worth it?

    You really need a detailed drawing (from council/gov.) showing all services. Gas Electricity Sewage Land drains Water Misc. But looking at that picture, your property does look self contained in terms of sewage and water. I'm not sure if you have gas or oil etc. I don't want to make it sound...
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    Under water and 24/7 power!

    Get a quality brand D5 vario pump. As for the AIO fan/pump unreliability, yea i've seen them die/leak a few times but your mobo/cpu has safety features and you'll see the warning signs. Aftermarket cooling kits (custom loop) are far better if done right!
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    Project Crimson Titan 2.5 Custom WC for GTX Titan X SCs SLI

    That is awesome! From experience would you pick 2 TitanX over 2 (or 3) 980s for 4k gaming?
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    lol its a lot more impressive and quality looking in real life!
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    FiberToHome $8K worth it?

    Just re-read the first post, if the connection to the fiber is through your land and partial gov. land, and mostly all gravel/mud? I would hire out a digger, locate all drawings and service locations, order a lot of sand and a trench whacker, ask ISP provider or fiber installer' minimum...
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    FiberToHome $8K worth it?

    If you do want it and willing to pay a negotiated price. Couldn't you do the labour work yourself or hire a separate company to do it? I'm in groundworks/civil engineering and know how much companies like to charge for this type of work compared to a smaller private company. Just depends on...
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    I got my desk (or my missus did) on gumtree. It's over 1 metre deep and about 1.8m long. All for a bargain from gumtree. £30!! Did a google search and its about 300 new. p.s dont laugh at my sorry set of affairs, that pos is for downloads and streaming, aka the 3310. hopefully getting a new...
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    Not sure whether to keep my new GTX 780 Ti or not

    i thought 2k was 1440p...... hence some 1440p monitors are advertised 2k?! or2k4k can be native 1440/2160p...i
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    mATX Build

    I'm planning on getting that same case, imo best looking matx of all time. Also plan full custom loop again. How much space would be left at the bottom if 2 graphics cards were installed, i can't find a pic with 2 up-to-date cards at all. I'm gessing not a lot of room. Sexy looking build, keep...
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    Not sure whether to keep my new GTX 780 Ti or not

    ATM best and only gsync 4k monitor is the acer XB280, the sweet spot for that is 40+ fps. 780ti in sli is just about there, depending on the games and settings. question is, when do you want the 4k upgrade and what games will be mostly played?
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    AMD Faces Securities Fraud Lawsuit

    If people stopped this AMD is inferior ideology and read some reviews on 4K, they might just see that the FX 8 cores have some new abilities. http://www.tweaktown.com/tweakipedia/56/amd-fx-8350-powering-gtx-780-sli-vs-gtx-980-sli-at-4k/index.html...