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    OFFICIAL Star Citizen

    One day we will look back on this and realize that all the money invested in the game could have been spent to make this a reality in our lifetime.
  2. Devon68

    This is a reason NOT to mine Chia...

    I generally hate crypto but chia is another level of stupidity. You make plots and hope that one day you will get chosen and paid. That's like digging all around the earth in plots hoping to find a plot with hidden gold. Plus the fact that is destroys hard drives at record pace thus creating a...
  3. Devon68

    Opinion wanted

    4000$ for a GPU. What am I doing with my life? :roll:
  4. Devon68

    Bitcoin price suddenly surges to 3-year high

    Just read that in China if you know someone who is mining you can narc on them to the authorities. Wonder how that will pan out. I know many people are not fond of miners but he is still your neighbor. Unless he is the type that borrows stuff and forgets to return it. Then he deserve it. :)
  5. Devon68

    Is it worth the upgrade from 6800xt red devil to a 6900xt red devil ultimate?

    10% more for 600$ more and you ask why. Lets be real you were the one sleeping in the back of your math class.
  6. Devon68

    Bitcoin price suddenly surges to 3-year high

    The fact that tesla said it wont accept bitcoins. Is it possible they knew about the dip. With Elon hyping up dodgecoin I would not be surprised if he has a market predicting algorithm. This is speculation so I might as well put on my tin foil hat :D. Can wait till morning to see if it goes up...
  7. Devon68

    Bit concerned about temps.

    If you use your PC for gaming and the temps dont go over 70 you are fine. Hell even 85 is fine in the summer. Enjoy your build. Nothing to worry about.
  8. Devon68

    Maps, science, data & statistics tracking of COVID-19

    I took Sinopharm. Both vaccines went fine with no unwanted side effects. There were some concerns because I use some pills for therapeutic purposes which reduce the strength of my immune system, but it is all good.
  9. Devon68

    So this game exists...Crypto Mining Simulator

    Oh the Irony. :roll:
  10. Devon68

    Cooler Master Releases SK620 Gaming Keyboard, A Wired Version of the SK622 Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard

    Those keys are packed as close as chicken in a slaughter house. I personally dont like but to each of their own.
  11. Devon68

    6900xt or RTX 3080

    I would have voted for the 3080 until I read the comment about it being 500$ more than the 6900. That would be a though pill to swallow even if money was not a problem.
  12. Devon68

    1080 TI and blessed!!

    I've just read a post about nvidia MIGHT re-release the 1080ti and 1650 cards. Read a bunch of comments saying who it would be a bargain at 250$. How would a new 1080ti cost 250 when they were sold for 300-350$ used. But I have to agree that this card for it's age is still a beast.
  13. Devon68

    Electricity in my case

    Are all the pins on the cpu ok? Did you try it with a single stick of ram? How are the temps? Stock cooler or aftermarket?
  14. Devon68

    First Computer need help

    Depending on where you live you might find a ryzen 2600+b450+16gb of ram for about 300$ or less which leaves you enough money for the rest or if you can find a 6700k+z170 mobo+16gb ram for under 300$. But if you are not comfortable building your own PC you should look for a good deal on facebook...
  15. Devon68

    Do you re-use the power (supply) cable?

    Depending on the cable but some might be better quality even if they are older than the cheap stuff made today.