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    A Christmas Gift: Intel Accuses Qualcomm of Stifling Competition

    I'm guessing this is over 5G chips since 5G is supposed to be an internet renaissance and Qualcom is holding all the chips. (Pun Intended)
  2. dir_d

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Founders Edition 8 GB

    A second hand 1080TI is the best bet here. The features are nice for the 2080 but irrelevant since they aren't supported by anyone or they destroy your fps.
  3. dir_d

    Are you getting the new GeForce RTX 2000?

    Got me a 1080TI off ebay last week
  4. dir_d

    NVIDIA: Don't Expect Base 20-Series Pricing to Be Available at Launch

    I canceled my 2080 pre order and bought a used 1080TI. Should be great for 1440p. After the 3dmark numbers and DLSS having to be baked into a game, I'm not going to pay nVidias R&D into ray tracing.
  5. dir_d

    NVIDIA GPUs Can be Tricked to Support AMD FreeSync

    If you look around WCCF Tech tried the trick and made a video about it, and it did actually work. What this tells me is that if Nvidia wanted to they could support both. I think they should and let the consumer choose Gsync or Freesync or maybe just a ULMB monitor.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX Series Prices Up To 71% Higher Than Previous Gen

    I have the 2080 on pre-order until i can find some performance metrics. If it is not good i will cancel the pre-order and go for a 1080TI.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX Series Prices Up To 71% Higher Than Previous Gen

    EVGA has a 2080 for 750 on Newegg. 50 dollars over MSRP
  8. dir_d

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX Series Prices Up To 71% Higher Than Previous Gen

    They are about 50 dollars off MSRP if you look at newegg
  9. dir_d

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX Series Prices Up To 71% Higher Than Previous Gen

    Not worth for me anyone got a 1080ti for sale
  10. dir_d

    RTX 2080 Ti Specs Revealed! Expect Low Core Clocks

    At these prices i wont even be able to afford a 2070
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    Intel Exhorts Developers Towards Vulkan Usage as Graphics API of Choice

    Well, PS4 is the most selling console of the recent wars and i'm pretty sure it doesn't run DX12.
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    NVIDIA G-Sync HDR Module Adds $500 to Monitor Pricing

    Nvidia will be forced to pick up the Adaptive Sync standard and stop using an FPGA. HDMI 2.1 and consoles are now starting to use VRR. Nvidia responds with their Big TVs to play on but who wants to buy an OLED for movies and buy an over priced Nvidia TV for games. Samsung has already begun...
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    Steam Releases 'External Funds Used' Tool

    14 years $179 dollars i bought a lot of games before steam, play mainly blizzard games now.
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    Acer Announces 49", 55" Gaming Monitors - 4K, HDR, IPS

    Better to buy a Vizio 2018 P55, specially at that price, 120hz native.
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    Doesn't look like next gen Navi high end Radeon is coming to gamers anytime soon

    I think they will get back to gamers but they need money on the enterprise front first. Once they get the money on that front they can make a GPU to compete with NVidia. If they were to make a high end GPU now and even if it beat the 1080TI it would still sale like crap due to Gamer mind share...