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  1. douglatins

    BitFenix Pandora

    I wouldn't even touch a case with a score lower than 9, so i don't get the highly recommended badge.
  2. douglatins

    MSI Holding Off on GTX 980 Lightning, in Anticipation of Bigger Chip

    nice cause 980Ti is true
  3. douglatins

    X2 to Release the CUBE MAX Micro ATX PC Chassis

    How stupid can they be to place the psu in that side. The other side they could open vents for the CPU and mobo
  4. douglatins

    Expensive Mice

    Mac in name 2x USD
  5. douglatins

    MSI teases new X99 board :)

    Pic is grayscale?
  6. douglatins

    Noctua NH-D15

    So the Phanteks is better? This image is weird.
  7. douglatins

    Xi3 To Deliver Next Generation Of Computing Platforms

    Xi3 is very, very, very, very bad
  8. douglatins

    Is AMD Dead?

  9. douglatins

    R9 290x (Crap) Stock Heatsink... How To Lap?

    lol lap?? RMA!
  10. douglatins

    PowerColor Devil 13 Dual Core R9 290X Coming at Computex 2014

    AWesome i like it! Hope its not 1500 like the 295x2 but like 1000 or 800
  11. douglatins

    Need help searching for a message tone

    record a fart and use it
  12. douglatins

    New fans are emitting an odor!

    fans emiting HODOR?
  13. douglatins

    Samsung XP941 M.2 SSD Shows Up at Retailers

    my thoughs exactly