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  1. Dyatlov A

    Intel Core i5-12400F

    I am surprised what i am reading here, because from individual youtube reviews, i expected this 12400f faster than even AMD 5800X. Anyway with overclocking will be unquestionably faster and not just AMD challenger…
  2. Dyatlov A

    ASUS is Working on a DDR4 RAM Adapter for DDR5 Motherboards

    I checked if it is April 1st today…
  3. Dyatlov A

    Ryzen Owners: Is Alder Lake tempting enough to switch to Intel?

    As now i have Ryzen 3 3100 CPU, i very not satisfied with AMD prices for upgrade. If the Ryzen 5 5600x is cost 300 usd, an 5800x even more expensive, i rather buy for 290 the much faster intel core i512600KF and spend extra an a good ddr4 motherboard.
  4. Dyatlov A

    Intel Core i5-12600K

    Is 12600K with a high end DDR4 maybe faster than with DDR5?
  5. Dyatlov A

    Intel Core i5-12600K

    Awesome processor, this good priced i5 beats all AMD processors in single thread use and in gaming. I want one!
  6. Dyatlov A

    Intel Core i9-12900K 36% Faster Than Stock in Maximum Turbo Power Mode

    Wow, better AMD halves the prices :nutkick:
  7. Dyatlov A

    Intel Core 12th Gen Alder Lake Preview

    where is that info from? Zen3+ may gets further delays and the plus cache will give benefit only in gaming. The real deal will be Zen4, but when that is coming?
  8. Dyatlov A

    Intel Core 12th Gen Alder Lake Preview

    I dont like it’s high power draw, but it will be the new performance king and AMD has no answer until next year’s fall?
  9. Dyatlov A

    Windows 11 TPM Requirement? Bypass it in 5 Minutes

    if it is working, i think this will be the best methode :). I will simply change the .wim file on my installation pendrive.
  10. Dyatlov A

    Chia Miners Resell Used SSDs as Brand New Amidst Coin Plummet

    Hard disk sentinel will tell the condition of the ssd and hard drives. As i know those wears cannot be manipulated, so how can they sell a worn out ssd as new?
  11. Dyatlov A

    NVIDIA Crypto Mining Processor 170HX Card Spotted with 164 MH/s Hash Rate

    If bitcoin price goes down, it cannot be sold.
  12. Dyatlov A

    ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT Phantom Gaming D

    I don’t mine, just people nowadays buying videocards for mining
  13. Dyatlov A

    ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT Phantom Gaming D

    Why no mining test?
  14. Dyatlov A

    Are you looking forward to Windows 11?

    Yeah, i think i can stay even an another year comfortably with Win7. However no new drivers from October, so next gen Geforces will not work, maybe with some driver mod…
  15. Dyatlov A

    Are you looking forward to Windows 11?

    Stayed with Windows 7 while most were upgrading to terrible 10. I did not lost anything yet (just had less annoying and more pleasant experiences than those who upgraded), however now the end of support is coming also by VGA manufacturers so i have to move to a more modern OS. It will be 11...