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    i need tool to get ati video ram usage

    I was actually in the middle of writing a program that could tell that, and it is somewhat straightforward.. but some other things have come up in my life right now...the source code was destroyed in a storm that killed some of my hard drives, and also totalled my car. Check out what I had...
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    pls let it not be broken!

    This usually isn't much of a bad thing. Chances that it has any permanent effects on your system are extremely slim. This probably just means that it clocked something up to high and VPU recover kicked in. I would increase the time between clock increases in your settings and try again.
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    New ATi-Linux drivers 3.14.1

    Real pity that they dont support 2.6 kernel yet... it has been out for a while, and I would expect them to try a little bit harder than they do with these drivers...
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    R350 & RV350??!?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.... When the x800s came out, there was a big stir about controvertial filtering techniques used in the new cards. Ati responded by saying several things, one of them was that the 9600xt (RV360) had had this filtering since it was released, and nobody had noticed for...
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    9800PRO Possible Fan Control MOD

    THeres a guy over at hardforums that added an lm63 to his 9600xt and got thermal monitoring and all that workiing... but that was a while back, and I think you might have to do a little bit more stuff than he did...
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    ATITool and PCI Express

    I would assume so... (doesnt make sense not to).
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    Weird Screen Garbling With ATi-Tool and X800

    Not really sure if this is relevant... but I've had corruption somewhat similar to this when o/cing memory to high. I think it has something to to with 1 or 2 of the memchips not liking the speeds and crapping out on you without everything going completely bad...
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    Idle radeon 9600 temp

    RV360 around 36*C...idle..
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    ATI silencer 1 question

    You could cut out/sand down/grind off a little hole for the resistor and then cover the hole with fingernail polish and get it to fit. Fingernail polish to keep it from shorting.
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    What's wrong with my 9700np?

    Make sure and wiggle the connector around a bit to make sure you have a good connection. Also inspect the cable and connectors for physical damage adn stuff like that.
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    this card any good

    I think at this point in the game a 9800xt is a dumb purchase. It just does't quite have the performance/$ that other cards have.
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    I believe those temps are alright. Most people like to keep their chips below 70c or so, but i think in most cases GPUs are OK much higher, like almost up to boiling or so.
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    Directx error when trying for Max core

    Is this a wise choice? I thought service pack 2 was uninstallable except through system restore.
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    What make and speed is my video card memory?

    http://www.nmt.edu/~lbaker/vc/bga_tsop.jpg Some hynix that isnt listed.
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    How much do you trust ATITool?

    Great idea for a poll...