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    Gainward GeForce GTX 1630 Ghost

    Ok, I expected this to be a competitor to the RX 6400... How is it that this is completely blown away by the RX 6400 which can be had cheaper/same price in most cases I see right now (Its not like we can argue about ray tracing even). I mean at that performance it at a bear minimum should be...
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    NVIDIA RTX 40 Series Could Reach 800 Watts on Desktop, 175 Watt for Mobile/Laptop

    I mean, I am not against more power draw to an extent as long as: A: It can be cooled relatively easily B: Its performance matches the power output Though I must say if this is true and it gets anywhere near that, its going to definitely be a water cooled card for me. Though its kinda funny as...
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    USB Type-C to Become Mandatory Charging Port in the European Union

    Meh, as much as I love this idea and love USB-C I am not a fan of this decision. Overall I have a problem with places regulating things like that especially when I think they don't have the knowledge on the subject and are just doing it because they can. This could hamper...
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    Unicorn spotted: Graphics card listed for less than launch MSRP (Spoiler: don't get excited)

    WOW, THE GT 1030. Finally I can play Solitaire in 120FPS!!! Just kidding, anyway its cool to see these as they are pretty nice for certain uses. I used one in a PC because I got a stellar deal on a processor without integrated graphics and managed to pick one up for 30 bucks. Of course...
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    Elon Musk to Acquire Twitter

    I have read only a bit on the case so I went through a quick refresher. The basics against Tesla still are saying that it was some employees doing it and it is based on witness testimony (mostly aimed at a specific supervisor) and some graffiti. My problem with the arguments is that they are...
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    Elon Musk to Acquire Twitter

    I press X to doubt... Remember alot of this in the case is based on assertations by defendants without serious proof (IE voice recordings, video recordings, etc). Also an employee being racist is not reflective of the company as a whole. Not to mention you have to realize that in this day and...
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    Elon Musk to Acquire Twitter

    Look, the buyout is cool to an extent. I do think he will make changes and for the better. Not a fan of twitter or most social media by any means but if we are using it as a way to get messages across for all kinds of topics, it needs to be much more open. It was pretty clear the ban hammer...
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    [US] GPU Stock Status (Microcenter , Newegg)

    Its amazing, the pricing is jumping around like crazy. Also seems like people are buying them up now that the pricing is much lower. Last week you could find 3080's for less than 1k and 6900 XT's for 1100, now its about 1100 for 3080's and less than 1k for 6900 XT's. Saw someone post a...
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    [US] GPU Stock Status (Microcenter , Newegg)

    Wow was just checking, they have taken another dive on price. You can now get a 6900 XT for below $900! I honestly didn't think we would see that for another year even with a new generation except maybe on the used market. Granted this is open box but still!
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    Are components with high power draw an issue for you?

    I mean power bill is always something you have to be concerned with but I think the heat output is more of a concern for me. I love liquid cooling everything and don't mind having to do it, but I worry if we get to some ridiculous levels it can also cause degradation of the component faster...
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    AMD Ryzen 7000 "Zen 4" Processors Have DDR5 Memory Overclocking Design-Focus

    I mean, thats a good thing since Ryzen based processors really like higher speed memory. I will be curious what gains you get on Raphael with higher frequencies and where the performance gains start dropping off.
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    [US] GPU Stock Status (Microcenter , Newegg)

    Yea, I just think it makes no sense to buy them right now. I am hoping as well as friends have been waiting ages for better mid range card prices like the 3070/ti. Yea I am holding off because of it. I know I said like 3 times I was gonna go pick one up but now that its this close, what's a...
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    [US] GPU Stock Status (Microcenter , Newegg)

    You know whats really weird, I said it earlier that you could get 6900 XT's for the same price as 6800 XT's. But now looking at micro center, they have 6900 XT's for significantly cheaper than pretty much all the 6800 XT's by hundreds of dollars. I mean I am happy we can get stuff again and...
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    [US] GPU Stock Status (Microcenter , Newegg)

    Wow, 6900 XT's are starting to get near their MSRP finally!!!! Weirdly enough, the 6800 XT's are now a bad deal, seems like they are all about 50 bucks difference from the 6900 XT'x
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    MSI Intros MAG H670 Tomahawk WiFi DDR4 Motherboard

    True, you bring up a valid point as overclocking has becoming more and more niche as the auto settings normally can push them to their limits. For awhile its been almost not worth it on AMD. Intel I have been able to squeeze a little bit more performance, but I have not tried the newest...