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    343 Industries Showcases Halo Infinite PC Screenshots

    FFS, can you go five seconds WITHOUT mentioning your 3090FTW3? You do this very same shit over on Techspot. You have a 3090, we get it. And most of us could probably give two shits, so do shut up about it already. /rant over
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    Apple M1 Processor Manages to Mine Ethereum

    Not even uBlock Origin nukes it completely though - I have it on and I'm still getting just the top portion of it (the stuff above the TechPowerUp banner) :fear:
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    German police are chasing buyers of cheap Windows 10 licenses

    When I built my Ryzen 5 1600 rig, we bought an OEM copy of Windows 10 from Central Computer for $99. Fast forward to last year when I built my 10700K rig. Tried using the same OEM W10 I had, and guess what? It wouldn't activate! So, I went to one of those key sites that TPU sponsors, bought a...
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    AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Expected to Launch Solo, Without its non-XT Sibling in Tow

    I WANT TO BELIEEEEEVE! :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    NVIDIA 90HX Crypto Mining Processor Based on Ampere GA102-100 GPU

    Nah, probably not. @Legacy-ZA explained it pretty well, and I agree :)
  6. Gmr_Chick

    NVIDIA 90HX Crypto Mining Processor Based on Ampere GA102-100 GPU

    I doubt they would. If they did, expect a nice class-action lawsuit to follow.
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    AMD "Genoa" Expected to Cram Up to 96 Cores, MCM Imagined

    Every time I see these chunky CPUs, I think of this song :D
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    PowerColor Teases New Family of Graphics Card Products: Hellhound

    Err...way to miss the point of my reply there, bud. :wtf::rolleyes:
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    MSI 3080 Gaming X Trio Need More Power Captain

    The fuck you do, lol. Sorry, but you're straight up trollin', bud.
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    Keep ancient i7 930 tower going or replace?

    I'd argue going for a 3000 series if need be, as well.
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    Brainstorming to fix the sad situation with GPUs

    Dude, the hell you think you are, acting like consoles are the fucking bane of PC gaming's existence? I grew up playing games on consoles. I bet there are a lot of us here who did as well. Gaming as a whole wouldn't be where it is today without those wicked, evil consoles you loathe so much...
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    PowerColor Teases New Family of Graphics Card Products: Hellhound

    You had me until you felt the need to inject politics in this discussion. That equals an immediate thread derailment.
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    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    Wondering this myself, as the Haha Wonder just reacted the same way to my post wondering why a Ryzen owner would ever use CTR given the problems mentioned.
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    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    Reading that Chips article right now and boy does Yuri sound like, well, a douchebag. Just from reading his various comments in the comments section, I can tell he thinks rather highly of himself and insists the writers are "stupid users who didn't read the manual!" Gee, you guys think he...
  15. Gmr_Chick

    Ryzen Owners Zen Garden

    Jesus Christ... I was thinking of running CTR just to see what tier my CPU was but not anymore. Why the hell would any Ryzen owner risk the longevity of their CPU by using this?