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    SteelSeries Launches Prime Mini Mice with Optical Magnetic Switches

    Absofuckinglutely not to both of those prices. SteelSeries been drinking that Asus ROG Kool-Aid....
  2. Gmr_Chick

    Razer Launches, Uhm, Finger Sleeves, for Touchscreen Control

    I like using thumb socks as a way to help me cope with my pretty severe thumb picking. I do it without even realizing it, but supposedly it could be tied to my anxiety. I'd definitely get a pair of these.
  3. Gmr_Chick

    Thermaltake Tower 100 Mini Chassis Now in Metallic Gold

    Metallic gold, my ass! This fucking thing is more of a burnt orange color! :wtf::roll:
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    Razer Announces the Wolverine V2 Chroma Game Controller

    I'll stick with my V2 Wolverine, thank ya very much!
  5. Gmr_Chick

    Be nice to snek. Snek is precious.

    Be nice to snek. Snek is precious.
  6. Gmr_Chick

    With the addition of the new Basilisk V3* to my Razer menagerie (where a Deathadder V2 Mini and...

    With the addition of the new Basilisk V3* to my Razer menagerie (where a Deathadder V2 Mini and Viper Mini also reside), I think it's safe to say that I'm officially a part of the Sneki Snek Cult, lol. *The V2 was thought to be the G502 Killer, but the V3 said "hold my beer" and "bitch you...
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    [FS][US] Rodents Looking For New Homes!

    Bump! Updated original post with important information.
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    Genesis Announces HOLM 320 RGB White Gaming Desk

    Y'all, I feel sorry for the person that buys this thing, as it looks like if the person does so much as a deep exhale anywhere near the desk, it very well may just fucking tip over from the force of the breath, LMAO :roll:
  9. Gmr_Chick

    Fractal Design Announces Replacement of Fan Hubs in Torrent Series PC Cases

    I hope you're taking notes over there, Gigablow (you too, NZXT). This is the PROPER and PROFESSIONAL way to handle a potentially dangerous issue with a product!
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    [FS][US] Rodents Looking For New Homes!

    Hey y'all. I have for you today a few mice I'm looking to sell. Now, let me clarify this up front -- none of these are broken. In fact, save for one, I've only owned them for a month max, so pretty much brand new. But I've decided to sell them because they just weren't the right fit for me and...
  11. Gmr_Chick

    Hack a PC? Plug in a Razer Mouse with Automatic Synapse Installation

    I use a Viper Mini and a Basilisk V2, as well as have Synapse 3 installed.....Should I be worried? :fear:
  12. Gmr_Chick

    GIGABYTE Reportedly Refuses to RMA Customer's GP-P750GM Power Supply

    Absolutely spot-on, Jay! Man, I thought the PSU thing was a shitpickle but adding the RMA catastrophe? Yeah, Giga's woes just exploded into a giga-shitpickle!
  13. Gmr_Chick

    GIGABYTE Reportedly Refuses to RMA Customer's GP-P750GM Power Supply

    As far as I know, according to the GN video discussing the issue, the AORUS PSUs aren't affected despite being from Gigabyte. Considering AORUS is their gaming branch, I'm guessing a bit more work and better quality components go into those. But that, too, is a bad thing because that same...
  14. Gmr_Chick

    SCUF Gaming Launches the First Wireless Performance Controller Designed for Xbox Series X|S

    SCUF is the most over-rated, garbage controller on the planet. Period. My Logitech F310 is over a decade old and still working like a champ. SCUF crap is lucky to last 6 months if not less.