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    power supply problems when moving to a new country help

    I wasn't aware of this. I tried to look up that LC-POWER unit, but failed to find a specs page.
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    power supply problems when moving to a new country help

    I wouldn't expect an issue here. Typically, if there is no switch, the power supply automatically "senses" the current from the wall and runs accordingly. I wouldn't try it with anything else, though... I'm only aware of PC power supplies that work this way. Other electronics may not fare so well.
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    Security issue in my network somewhere...?

    Nah, it gives me a whole new IP address. I've done it long ago and verified success with whatismyip. Seems the most likely scenario (or just some random troll)... seems nearly impossible to prevent, from what I can tell. I can change my IP, but that only works until it happens again. They had...
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    Security issue in my network somewhere...?

    I can change my own IP all day my changing my router's MAC address... but then that wouldn't explain where it came from in the first place. If they got me the first time, "they" can just as easily do it again, no?
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    Security issue in my network somewhere...?

    You mean in the "Source" tab, right? This should expose a device on my network that shouldn't be there. However, I should be able to see this information in my router, anyway. I'm not sure how one would do this, but if this were the case (and probably likely if I am indeed being attacked) that...
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    Security issue in my network somewhere...?

    No idea. She said she contacted Facebook about the issue (that is, people getting messages from her that she didn't send) and they initially said it came from our IP, but then they dug deeper and they said it came from Wisconsin. That's all I know about it. This happened quite a while ago, and...
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    Security issue in my network somewhere...?

    I'm thinking my wifi password would be pretty hard to crack, and damn near impossible to just guess, but I suppose it's something worth doing. I've got a modem (modem only, not a modem/router combo) connected to my own wifi router (RT-N66R, flashed with Tomato). As I've mentioned before, the...
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    Security issue in my network somewhere...?

    I've been having some strange things going on lately. Long story short - someone just earlier tonight made an account here at TPU and tried to stir up some trouble... but their account appears to be logged in with my own IP address! My fiancee also says she's had issues in the past on Facebook...
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    Best $300 Android Phone (CDMA)

    I've had bad luck with used or refurbished phones. Honestly I would grab the Pixel 3a. It'll have software support for a long time from Google, and as an unlocked Google phone, you'll get lots of community support later from XDA if you're into that. If I wanted to, I could put Android 10 on my...
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    Getting Old need new phone

    Google phones generally have the best software support over on the Android side. The unlocked Google phones especially have a lot of support over on XDA.
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    Random .exe files generating in temp folder and drives

    Probably correct. A lot of cracks will tell you that they need to be excluded from AV because of a false positive: their behavior is similar to a trojan and will be picked up by AV. Unfortunately, sometimes it's more than just similar to malware...
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    Wi-Fi Questions

    Probably the best thing you can do, short of running wire, is to get a WAP (wireless access point) and connect that to your computer with Ethernet cable, and put it somewhere in your room where it gets the best signal to the router. Or connect it to the router and put it somewhere where signal...
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    TPU's Nostalgic Hardware Club

    @milewski1015 Ever feel like you need a server for anything? That board is probably compatible with the 6 core Xeons, which can be found for peanuts. It would be easy to load up with 12 or even 24GB RAM. It could be used as a media server (think Plex or something), or a secondary "beast of...
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    Microsoft Rumored To Release Budget Xbox Series S Console

    I'm inclined to agree. I thought consoles were all about offering a simple, hassle-free device for your average Joe to play games on. Having multiple models at different performance levels muddles up the waters a bit. Sure, there were like 9 versions of the PS2, but they were all relatively...
  15. hat

    Error at 2AE9600

    Another Ryzen user having issues with Corsair RAM. I'm noticing a pattern. I hate to just parrot what I've heard, but I've seen a number of people on TPU having issues. If you continue to have issues, your options are: 1. Download Ryzen DRAM Calculator and manually plug in suggested values 2...