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    Gigabyte RTX 3090 Aorus Master world first review

    Hello TPU Members, somehow I got this card and made a quick review for it, Really amazing card, did not expect that cooling performance with this creative design. Hayder Master
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    NVIDIA RTX Voice: Real-World Testing & Performance

    so if I use external devices like modi 2 and lyr 2 and blue yeti,, do i get more improvements?
  3. Hayder_Master

    Time to fight COVID-19 coronavirus using our computers

    sounds great, thanks my brother i will share it support it
  4. Hayder_Master

    Time to fight COVID-19 coronavirus using our computers

    no not yet, but we should let them know to develop one
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    Time to fight COVID-19 coronavirus using our computers

    Hello all, As we all know COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) become so serious and they did not find out yet the cure because its RNA and it change so fast, so we should tell the world quickly we are here and our computers are ready, go on improve software like F@H to bring results, we going to step...
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    Support TechPowerUp on Patreon, Unlock New Features

    very nice idea, Its optional and anyone who want support can took part.
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    Sound card or Amplifier?

    I don't know I am confusing, Seems the HD800s will not give real performance on PC So as DAC with AMP i see lyr is the best option here right? It's ok give me all possible upgrades with HD800s
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    Sound card or Amplifier?

    I become think about HD700
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    Intel Could Unveil First Discrete 10 nm GPUs in mid-2020

    Almost twelve years in TPU, This my 3rd time i see INTEL GPU's details every three years they announced something will release and it will be better than others.
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    XIGMATEK Unveils the ZEUS Spectrum Edition Open Tower Chassis

    it's already available here in IRAQ, that was so fast
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    Sound card or Amplifier?

    ok can you tell me more about it? sure i want to get best sound quality not only for gaming, but as i mention am always try to hear something better so it's not just spent i want to use the best i can spend for it with PC? no that was my search i am looking for best options, please tell...
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    Sound card or Amplifier?

    so you say take the asus card and add apollo is the best options? i can use an adapter right? something high quality or maybe i need the amp. too then sound card first sure Hello my friend how is goin, yeah long time .. Ok i will see the new creative i hope it better than the asus ok so...
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    Sound card or Amplifier?

    Hello sound geeks.. I am going to purchase HD 800S headphone. I am listening to musics using my PC, I like high quality audio and gaming using headphone, and i have now creative sound card AE-5 and HE 400i headphone. So what you think guys, it's need to purchasing an amplifier over my sound card...
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    Editorial Moore's Law - Is it Really Dead ?

    I have made a public speech in IT event exactly the same in the past April
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    Sennheiser HD 700 or HiFiMan HE-560 V2

    i see there is also another option Shure SRH1840 at $400 https://www.amazon.com/Shure-SRH1840-Professional-Headphones-Black/dp/B0073A4FM4?ref_=Oct_DLandingS_PC_4954c83b_NA&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER