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    ASUS Radeon R9 Fury STRIX 4 GB

    ASUS should have made this card single slot like the Fury X. Why go through the troubles of making a custom PCB then turn around and limit the power of the GPU and then make it double slot wide? I would have rather seen 2 DPI, 1 HMDI and 1 DVI heck even one of each would have been nice just to...
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    GIGABYTE Z170-SOC Force Motherboard Pictured

    I can't wait for this board. I will be stepping up from my current G1 WIFI Black.
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    Last Chance to Win One of Two PowerColor Radeon R9 Fury X Graphics Cards

    I will be entering tomorrow evening after I finish plumbing work on my rig.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB

    ROPs ROPs That's one sexy dual GPU PCB for sure. Let's hope they go back to drawing board and make some changes in ROPs count, lower the shader units, and let the Fury out of the dungeon lol
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB

    With the way things are, I wouldn't hold my breath for Fury Nano. I'd more likely look to non X version with custom PCB designs and even then, you're better off with whatever you got unless they somehow, magically, improve the card before launch, i.e., tweak the ROPs to 96 or more. Dreamland.
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB

    They could have just made things easier and have a custom air cooler that took away the heat from every part of that PCB equally. They seriously screwed that up. Like the rest of the people here, I love competition, performance and better pricing. I probably will be going 4K in a few months but...
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4 GB

    Thanks for another great review. I am simply shocked by the performance levels for anything less than 4K. This card has the potential to beat the 980Ti cleanly if they unlock the voltage and memory overclock. It's crazy that it can keep up with the Titan X in 4K. Looks like I'm sticking with my...
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    AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Pictured Some More

    I like the PCB being short and single slot. This will be awesome when combined with a different waterblock from EK, BP, AC etc and have a single slot setup. I will be waiting for reviews and go from there.
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Classified Kingpin Edition Pictured

    This is one awesome card. I am still running 2 x 290X under water and will wait to see what the AMD True Fiji chips have to offer before I grab anything else. I'll keep this, the 980Ti Matrix, Lightning (if they make one) and top end Fiji in my wishlist.
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    Corsair Announces Obsidian 750D Airflow Edition Case

    And here I was thinking that they added another front fan but it turns out that all they did is make a perforated front grill. They needed to stretch this case by a couple inches in terms of height and depth resulting in 4x120 up top and 3x120 up front with push/pull on a 64mm rad being a...
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    EK Releases New Supremacy EVO X99 LGA2011v3 Water Block

    I totally agree that buying the full EVO version is the best way to and change the jet plate. The CPU blocks always come with different jet plates for different platforms. The only plus to buying this would be the insert, like mentioned above but that would give you .2 C which is not that crucial.
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    Razer Introduces the Firefly Gaming Mousepad with Customizable Lighting FX

    They better revise this before they start selling it. I wouldn't want to deal with the hump where the cable attaches to the mat, that is if I was to buy it.
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    Anidees AI6 v2 Chassis Starts Selling

    They could easily make this case able to accommodate a 360mm rad up top a long with the 240mm rads that it can take up front and at the bottom. All they had to do was add 2 more inches to the height.
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    Intel Core i7 "Haswell-E" Pricing Detailed

    Intel should have made the 5930K and 5960X with 64 PCI-E lanes. Then give the 5820K and 4790K (and the likes) 40 lanes. There wouldn't be any need for PLX chips.
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    Fractal Design Introduces the Node 804 Micro ATX PC Case

    Nice stuff and I think this is way better than shelling our around $300 for a CaseLabs case. I might grab one when they come out.