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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series "AD104" Could Match RTX 3090 Ti Performance

    With electricity costs going up in the whole world, how come the 4070Ti draws more than double of power compared to a 1080 (180W)? New generations should bring more performance at the same power. We are getting expensive space heaters instead. Add to that 400W heating in your room the costs of...
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    Chinese SMIC Ships 7 nm Chips, Reportedly Copied TSMC's Design

    Geopolitcal matters aside, it makes me SAD that their first sample is a mining ASIC. If they want 100% made in China CPUs, GPUs, RAM or FlashNAND, I understand it, be it stolen designs or not. But why the hell tape out electricity burner ASICs that produce nothing and only serve ponzi schemes...
  3. holyprof

    EVGA RTX 3090 Ti KINGPIN HYBRID Now Available for 2500 USD, Comes Bundled with a 1600 W PSU

    While we all believe the 4080 will beat or at least match any existing 30X0 card, you can only dream about it being cheap.
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    Apple M2 CPU & GPU Benchmarks Surface on Geekbench

    Too bad that awesome piece of hardware will end up exclusively in closed, anti-consumer Apple devices. Here's a hint for you Apple - if you don't want to open your ecosystem, at least give a chance to OEMs to build linux or windows laptops based on the M CPUs. That would definitely put pressure...
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    Sycom Launches Custom RTX 3090 Ti with Asetek/Noctua Liquid Cooling

    When a card puts out a lot of heat, every fan helps. Watercooled GPUs with fans aren't new: my EVGA 1080 Hybrid is quite old (and working really well). I guess the fan on the card cools the VRM and the RAM memory. (image from videocardz.com)
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    Sonos Five

    Even that "lifestyle" speaker has a place in tech enthusiast's collection for parties and casual listening. I would buy something like that to complement (not replace) my living room sound system or Hi-Fi bookshelf speakers connected to my PC. BUT ... no bluetooth on a wireless speaker??? Hard pass.
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    Intel Arc A350M Mobile Graphics Card Pictured & Tested

    I believe it when I see real tests from a reputable source instead of Intel's cherry picked tests. Still, it's nice that Intel finally has something useful to put into laptops GPU wise. I'm an AMD fan but have always bought Intel-based laptops because they're still ahead of AMD as a whole...
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    Samsung Sued for Infringement of HEVC Essential Patent

    I didnt know it is that slow ... guess I'm spoiled by H.264 which is faster than realtime on my humble 3700X when rendering in 4k with some light processing and filters in Blackmagic Resolve. Edit: Faster than realtime means 30fps video is rendered at 60-100FPS. OK, if it was 60fps it would not...
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    Samsung Sued for Infringement of HEVC Essential Patent

    I agree with you, but as soon as dedicated ASICs or encoding accelerators inside GPUs or CPUs become more widespread, encoding time will not be a problem anymore. Or it can be brute-forced by adding some more cores (AMD, Intel and ARM server chip vendors have that covered).
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    Introducing The RØDE NTH-100 Professional Over-Ear Headphones

    I'm not into professional audio, but Rode is a well known brand. I got their Videomic Go for outdoor video recording with my humble camera (Canon 800D). The jump in audio quality was so big that anyone could notice it. Better sound, less noise, good price. If those phones are of similar...
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    Intel Core i9-12900KS Listed at $791 with 150W Processor Base Power

    What's next, 700W PL1 / 1kW PL2 CPU running on heat pump cooling? As already mentioned here, the 12700 is the real deal, or if someone needs more performance and wants Intel, there are many good HEDT / Server chips to choose from. If I remember correctly, AMD's Threadripper wiped the floor with...
  12. holyprof

    Electronic Arts & Lucasfilm Games announce new Star Wars titles from Respawn Entertainment

    TIE fighter was the only Star Wars themed game I would put on the "awesome" level. All others are between "OK" and "meh".
  13. holyprof

    AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT Limited To PCIe 4.0 x4 Interface

    I fully agree with what you wrote. I'm currently using my old GTX960 as a HTPC GPU because there's nothing I can replace it with. It works well for some gaming and for outputting 4k video signal to feed to the TV set. I don't expect the 75W HTPC cards to return anymore. AMD's current APUs (and...
  14. holyprof

    BadgerDAO Sees $120 Million Crypto Heist via Cloudflare Hack

    As someone wise posted on a forum I've read: "I'm going crypto to free me from government shackles and avoid paying taxes!" Then one day, crypto is stolen. "Government, please help me!"
  15. holyprof

    Dutch and Portuguese Shops Leak AMD Radeon RX 6600 Pricing

    pcdiga.pt is one of the biggest DIY PC parts e-tailer in Portugal. It's not "obscure" at all. Still I agree those are scalper prices or a placeholder until the they can really sell it (at a realistic, lower than 6600XT price).