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    Ram Heatsink replacement

    Also worth mentioning.. DDR4 doesn't really get warm unless you're using silly voltage on it, the heatspreaders are almost purely cosmetic, so it's up to you what you decide to do, but functionally it doesn't matter. :)
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    Getting "No Signal" When Trying to Run From a Specific Card.

    Which driver do you have? I think this is the one you need (assuming win10) https://www.nvidia.co.uk/Download/driverResults.aspx/108251/en-uk
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    old alienware m17x

    Oh yeah, absolutely. I definitely wouldn't pay that price for one, but I just thought the decent build quality was worth mentioning at least. :)
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    old alienware m17x

    The design and build quality of those old alienware laptops is pretty awesome, I serviced one for a friend a couple of years back and it was very nice to work on.
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    GPU monitor gadget.

    MSI Afterburner is one of the best GPU OC/monitoring programs atm, I can't suggest anything to get gpu monitor working though, as you say the developer needs to make an updated version to support the latest cards.
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    Frequent BSOD with new build

    My next guess after you passed memtest86 would be a bad SATA cable causing errors and maybe data corruption. Try a new cable, but you'll probably want to do a quick format and fresh OS install as well if that does turn out to be the cause.
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    Intel "Cascade Lake-X" HEDT CPU Lineup Starts at 10-core, Core i9-10900X Geekbenched

    I was thinking the same as I read the headline lol Ten thousand nine hundred ex? Tenty-nine hundred ex? Or perhaps the i9 OneZeroNineZeroZero ex? :kookoo:
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    Nasty, withdrawls are no joke, hope you feel better soon bud

    Nasty, withdrawls are no joke, hope you feel better soon bud
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    Happy birthday ;)

    Happy birthday ;)
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    How many fans do you have on your PC case?

    I have only corsair ML fans, 4x 120mm fans intaking through dust filters and radiators and 1x 140mm exhaust fan with no restrictions. They're set to all ramp up together based on the coolant temp, and fan curves are set so there's always very slight positive pressure to keep dust from coming in...
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    According to your post on the OCUK forums... Stop wasting everyone's time with utterly pointless questions.
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Cupras are cool, mucho respect to those little 1.8T rockets lol
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    I've done silverstone in the car, was good fun. Would love to do Thruxton, Donnington park would be good too, I've done that on the bike. Rockingham, Castle combe, Snetterton, Anglesea are all fun but more suitable for bikes. Now this will be a controversial opinion! As far as an autobahn...
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    Ah right, yep definitely. Sorry your post felt like you were having a jab. :oops: I just wish there was somewhere appropriate here in England like the places you mentioned, most of our tracks are on the small side, and are more fun on bikes. :/
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    The TPU UK Clubhouse

    I can see you don't like fast cars, but don't assume everyone with a powerful car is like that.. My car has mufflers and factory catalysts still so it's not obnoxious, always passes the emissions test with flying colours, and I drive courteously around other road users. If I want to go fast then...