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    AMD Launches Ryzen 9 3900 and Ryzen 5 3500X Processors

    Toms said this, not sure how true it is: EDIT: seeing this mentioned in a few places. They also mention it being 6C/6T.
  2. ironwolf

    Express Yourself with the Creator PC from NZXT BLD

    BitWit Kyle mentioned it is actually made by ECS.
  3. ironwolf

    G.SKILL Memory First to Break DDR4 6 GHz World Record Speed

    I know this is being ultra picky, but is this person known as TopPC or Toppc? They could have at least been consistent in the press release. :laugh:
  4. ironwolf

    Gearbox Reveals Minimum, Recommended Specs for Borderlands 3

    My Elder Scrolls Online install is ~80+ GB. :eek:
  5. ironwolf

    AMD Ryzen 5 3500 to Lack SMT, Takes on Core i5-9400

    Cost of a standard x570 board is $250? :confused: Not sure what you define "standard" as but they at least start at just over $150. [not saying those lowest priced boards are worth a flip]
  6. ironwolf

    Thermaltake Launches RGB-Less H-ONE Gaming Memory Sticks With Little to no Fanfare

    I do like the RGB-less look of those sticks. I would venture a guess that the less-than-huge fanfare stems from those RAM speeds. Tagging RAM as "gaming" and giving it puny -2400, -2666 speeds doesn't make sense. If anything they should have started at -3000 or even -3200 speeds.
  7. ironwolf

    SilentiumPC Presents SPC Gear SM900 Mic for Streamer and Twitcher

    Um, did I miss seeing a price? :confused:
  8. ironwolf

    Kingston Announces Shipment of A2000 Series PCIe 3.0 4x NVMe PCIe SSD - $100 for 1 TB

    $100 price on the 1 TB is just meh. Not great, not bad.
  9. ironwolf

    AMD Readies AGESA ComboAM4, Addresses Several Issues Affecting 3rd Gen Ryzen

    OK, the amount of letters after the version number is getting comical. :laugh:
  10. ironwolf

    MSI AMD 400-series and 300-series MAX Motherboards Now Available

    Totally disagree. On X570 yes but that makes more sense to have full size boards on that chipset. B450 plenty of uATX. The [supposedly] upcoming A520 (?) and B550 (?) should have plenty of uATX boards.
  11. ironwolf

    BIOSTAR Formally Enables PCIe Gen 4 on its AMD 400-series Motherboards

    Will be interesting to see what AMD says about this. Seems the mobo makers are throwing up a big middle finger at AMD over this. :p
  12. ironwolf

    In Win Launches the 309 Case with Front Dot-Matrix Display

    So how long until someone has pr0n-like stuff on it? :laugh:
  13. ironwolf

    AMD Retires the Radeon VII Less Than Five Months Into Launch

    Is this going to tank the resale value of the card at all?
  14. ironwolf

    PSA: No Ryzen 3000 Pre-orders Today (1st July), Spare Your F5 Key

    My F5 key thanks your for this PSA! :laugh:
  15. ironwolf

    GeForce RTX 2070 Super Beats Radeon 5700 XT in FFXV Benchmark

    RTX 2070S an official designation or the author just being a little lazy?