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    Cougar Forza 85

    Processor's have TDP (Thermal desing powe) so does coolers. Biggest limitation for any cooler on cpu is TIM (Thermal interface material) and IHS (Integrated heat spreader) which makes heat to travel much longer distance than if you slap cooler directly on the cpu die, like gpu. Thats why +500w...
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    Best airflow cases for the RTX 4090?

    Who said anything about case full of rads? 2x slim 360mm on front and side, thick 360mm on bottom, all intake. It leaves top and back as exhaust (4x 140mm) I've tested it in my 719, works fine. Now i have one thick 360 on the bottom (push/pull) and one slim 360 (pull) on the front bc my heat...
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    Best airflow cases for the RTX 4090?

    Idk, 3x360 slim rads would handle any heat load pretty well. Also it can take 2x480mm (side&front) and one 360mm on the bottom or top simultaneous. What other case can do same? Radiator surface area is the key, not thicknes.
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    Best airflow cases for the RTX 4090?

    Phanteks enthoo pro 2 or more premium phanteks 719 (identical interior and fan count). I just tested my old aircooled RTX 2080ti with 370w max pover draw in 719. 3x 120mm fans on bottom, 3x 120mm front as intake. 3x 140mm on top and one 140mm on back. You know it's good airflow case when the...
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    Quick Look: ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II Service Kit

    I have never heard any broken mobo or cpu socket because of large air cooler. I had noctua nhd-14 in system over 5 years, took it LAN parties carried with car on bumpy roads. You basically have to throw it out of the roof to damage mobo/socket. Heavy GPU's are different story.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D

    Fastest gaming cpu under 350€/$?? Keep on dreaming :laugh:
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    Are components with high power draw an issue for you?

    I have to heat my house somehow anyway, so it's not issue for me.
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    Thermaltake Reveals the Divider 550 TG Ultra Chassis

    GN Steve won't approve this.
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    Amazing, one of the coolest mod i've seen :clap:
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    Your PC ATM

    Hi guys As a new member here, i just post some pics of my setup.