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    TechPowerUp Announces NVCleanstall - Customize Your NVIDIA Driver Installation

    Just getting "Internet connection required" hmm. Run as admin, and allowed incoming/outgoing connections in Windows Firewall.
  2. JCBeastie

    Mionix Wei Keyboard

    First keyboard... We forgetting about the Zibal 60?
  3. JCBeastie

    Zalman Reserator Liquid CPU Cooler Detailed

    Looking at it again you could use its case mounting points to attach it to fan that pulls air through...
  4. JCBeastie

    Zalman Reserator Liquid CPU Cooler Detailed

    Looks brilliant but I have the same complaint about it that I do for 90% of Zalman's coolers; proprietary fan. Now I've not had many issues with normal case fans but OEM ones on graphics cards and other coolers I've had a bad experience with. My current graphics card had the fan bearing fail a...