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    Forspoken Simply Doesn't Work with AMD Radeon RX 400 and RX 500 "Polaris" GPUs

    Wtf. latest drivers release has bin all for the 7x00 / 6x00 generation. but not the cards before obviously.
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    Crypto Miners Paint GDDR Memory Chips to Hide Wear and Tear

    You gotta be dumb not to optimize it's voltage/frequency curve. If you run a mining rig of at least 8 cards, you would be saving 50w on avg per card which equals to 400W of savings an hour. Thats like saving half of a toaster in power requirement.
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    Crypto Miners Paint GDDR Memory Chips to Hide Wear and Tear

    Capacitors do have a certain lifespan, shorter when run hot, longer when run cooled.
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    Crypto Miners Paint GDDR Memory Chips to Hide Wear and Tear

    Lets not confuse a GPU running beyond spec vs GDDR6(x) memory that is left to produce errors (as Mining can take a few hundreds of errors a second) and usually above 100 degrees constant temp. Yeah i'd like to see any long term effects of that.
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    Crypto Miners Paint GDDR Memory Chips to Hide Wear and Tear

    You know that once you OC DDR memory (GDDR5 etc) it will produce errors on the long run. With most miners a few hundreds of ECC errors where "fine" and in gaming it would actually cost performance. I wonder what happens with memory that runs consistent with ECC errors on the long run. Its not...
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    AMD Product Pages Say Upcoming 7950X3D and 7800X3D "Unlocked for Overclocking"

    It dont matter anyway. Its not like your going to get significant better results with a manual OC compared to what PBO already brings to the table. Its a gimmick with a few percent.... if you know what you do.
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    AMD Product Pages Say Upcoming 7950X3D and 7800X3D "Unlocked for Overclocking"

    Ive bin saying this for some time, but appearantly with the newer series they designed a seperate voltage rail for the 3DVCache. Its no longer hooked to the CPU-core giving it pretty much carte blance in regards of OC'ing.
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    What the hell.... The whole SLI concept started with 3DFX where you could pair another identical card and get as as much as 50% performance improvement. The same applied for both AMD or Nvidia, and games that did support it worked flawless. SLI is a great concept but too much of a hassle to get...
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    AMD RX 7900 XTX OC Does Cross 3 GHz Barrier, But in Non-Gaming Workloads

    Thats a no brainer considering the clock is going beyond 3Ghz here. Chips simply have a best efficiency / performance curve. Once you start raising clocks the power consumption raises proportionally. Or the gains you get from OC'ing are minimal.
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    Intel Reincarnates VROC Functionality for Xeon Processors

    Sorry, your subscription on your chipset has just ended. Your motherboard has downgraded itself back to PCI-E 1.0 compatibility.
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    TEC Makes a User-friendly Comeback as the Cooler Master ML360 Sub-Zero Evo AIO CLC

    Any tec below 250W ~ 400w cant be considered serious in regards of cooling.
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    ASUS Shows Off its First Gaming Grade WiFi 7 Routers

    Router thats on the fly capable of prioritizing packets for example. You can work with 10 users at the same time and you are still capable of gaming with low latency. Thats the idea behind it.
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    GIGABYTE Motherboards and Graphics Cards at the 2023 International CES

    Does AMD sell motherboards? Exactly. Chipsets. Whatever is in between there is the usual tax.
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    ADATA XPG PSUs: Fusion Titanium, Cybercore II Platinum and Core Reactor II Gold

    12 years warranty. I love it. I still run on a Antec Truepower 750W. Its bin robust all these years since i bought it. And that must have bin 7+ years ago now. Handled a FX8320 @ 4.8Ghz with a 3x 270 and later 3x 580's in Crossfire.
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    AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX May Feature Faulty Coolers, Causing Overheating

    It's really a small portion of cards out of the larger set. RMA it if your in that and youll get a replacement back. No company wants to release faulty products. A card like that i would watercool anyway.