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    Vilfo VPN Router

    Thanks for the review. ' should be "pique".
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    WD Black SN850 1 TB SSD

    I can guess that there is some fixed, internal rate for flushing the cache. I read the article as flushing 277GB instantly. I thought that might be possible if those cells were toggled to TLC and others switched to SLC. I wasn't sure what exactly was meant. My question is answered.
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    WD Black SN850 1 TB SSD

    Why does the SLC cache flush as soon as the drive stops writing?
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    Tachyum Prodigy Software Emulation Systems Now Available for Pre-Order

    This is a scam. The only reason anyone cares about Tachyum is their processor. It is better than every other processor ever made. No one has ever seen it. One lone genius is running every aspect of the company. Any problems you have with these statements will be explained later. Give us your...
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    Looking for a Paperweight? Buy an Oculus Quest 2 and Get Your Facebook Account Locked

    Oculus customers aren't alone. I bought a 990x new and before it arrived got permanently banned from what was then Sony Online Entertainment. So, I never got to play on my new CPU. :( Stuff happens. Now I think about the maturity or reliability of a company before I make a large investment...
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    Argand Partners Acquires Cherry

    I love Cherry MX Black and Red switches. But the third-party keyboards I've bought have been disappointments because of unnecessarily complicated or fragile cables. If Cherry finds their way to making consumer keyboards, it would be nice to have a basic keyboard from them (one without...
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    Nimbus Data Unveils the World's Highest Capacity QLC Flash SSD and the World's First QLC Flash SAS SSD for the Enterprise

    In principle, it is still possible for a SSD to wear out even if limited by its interface. See write amplification and read disturb errors. NVMe Zoned Namespaces Explained - Page 3