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    What do you use to scan & "clean" your PC for viruses/malware nowadays?

    Linux. No seriously. Otherwise Malwarebytes ,Firefox with Ublock Origin and and a few other plugins. And very safe surfing habits.
  2. johnspack

    What do you use to scan & "clean" your PC for viruses/malware nowadays?

    Sorry, but you said PC.... I use linux. Thats it.
  3. johnspack

    Full time Linux user and gamer?

    Well, do almost all my gaming under linux now... running Kubuntu 20.04, which by the way stays up to date on nvidia drivers. Newest nvidia drivers auto installed with control panel ect. I only reboot to win 8.1 from time to time to fly Flying Circus, but I expect I'll get it to run under...
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    X79 and/or rampage IV OC'ing thread for those of us still left....

    God how long am I going to run this system? My little 1680v2 at only 4.2ghz still keeps me quite happy. Just going to wait for a used TR system next.... If I had more than 16 threads I wouldn't be looking at tr....
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    The Linux screenshots thread

    No link, it was part of the kde-full package.. which is the same as installing kubuntu-desktop ect. You must not have installed the full thing somehow. Also when you first add the weather widget, it just shows a white square, just click and hold to show the settings button, set it up and...
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    The Linux screenshots thread

    Okay, had to mess with KDE quite a bit, but finally got a working install under Mint. Here's the weather widget under Mint!
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    New moderators are afoot at TPU!

    Great picks! Will help to keep TPU as the best computer hardware forum on the internet for many more years. We have a great team here.
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    The Linux screenshots thread

    Yeah, I've looked in my mint vm, can't find it. Oh so you added kde to mint? I hadn't actually thought of that.... Okay I'll have to try it in the next few days, and I'll report if I can get the widget working. Also, while your at it, try a dual boot with Kubuntu. I did mint, but...
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    The Linux screenshots thread

    That's the regular weather widget that comes installed with Kubuntu.
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    The Linux screenshots thread

    Well it seems the new kubuntu on the block is ready for primetime. Stable enough now to show. It will be locked to the 5.4 kernel. This is 20.04, which is the 3 year LTS version. It'll be final in April.
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    The Linux screenshots thread

    I needed to set a firewall/router box for a friend, this is not his install but one I did in vms to test beforehand. It's NethServer, based on CentOS: Here's ntop running on it:
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    Avast Free - Spying & Selling Your Data :(

    Sorry, I was going to say something smartarse about how linux doesn't have to worry about virii ect, so it doesn't even have an av program.... but using a VPN under any os is a good idea. Make sure your online data is encrypted and routed through protected networks. Make sure you properly...
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    The Linux screenshots thread

    Something different... this is Kali Linux. Debian based. It is used for network security testing. Have to attach, TPUs pic hosting is not working....
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    [FS][US] dragon stole my gpu

    So close... when I see a 1080ti for 200us, I'll hit.....