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    NVIDIA Releases GeForce 497.09 Drivers with Curious RTX 2060 12GB Support

    Should be in linux channels by now too.
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    Xeon Owners Club

    Sorry Ed... lost both my mom and dad already to cancer. Wasn't ready to let either of them go.
  3. johnspack

    Xeon Owners Club

    Oh man... loved my 1650 as well... also did 4.7. Also loved my 1680... not as fast but 8 cores. Still have them sitting in cpu cases on display. If I was a gamer... wouldn't have gone 2697. Oh well, the high speed xeons were fun....
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    NVIDIA DLSS Support Added to Valve Proton

    josephhunn please stop. Neither do you. Also TheinsanegemerN, lots of us linux users play online games. Modern games. And full Windows games. Linux has come a long way. So has wine which is what allows us to run modern windows apps and games. Unless you both spend several years learning...
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    NVIDIA DLSS Support Added to Valve Proton

    Heh, well for one, these are windows games running under linux... so no cross platform issues. And for 2, you don't need steam to have this. HansKristian makes vkd3d-proton, and you can go to his site and manually install it into your wine prefix after installing dxvk as well of course...
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    Windows 11 General Discussion

    And it's updated:
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    Easy2Boot. I can,t get it to work

    I agree with Mussels above, find an older version of Rufus. Or burn a dvd if you can. Must be people in here with retro builds that know how?
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    Windows 11 General Discussion

    Check your updates... 22000.348 is available now....
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    Innosilicon's Fenghua GPU Based on Imagination Technologies IMG-B Series GPU Cores

    At least they are trying. If we pee on anyone trying to break into the market... we are left with amd and nvidia. Which is not good!
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    GravityMark v1.31 GPU Benchmark

    Heh, hope it will run on my old S7. Will be a horrible score, but still fun to see none the less!
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    "3d Mark" Is It a Relevant Test?

    Heh, turbo button started with XTs. From 4.77mhz to an astonishing 9.54mhz! From what I remember back then, ocing was done by soldering in a new faster crystal.
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    How to get VPN on Linux?

    Make it easy for yourself. Pick one that gives a crap about linux. Airvpn has a single .deb file install, with a full gui interface.
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    X79 and/or rampage IV OC'ing thread for those of us still left....

    Just remember, every time you change the bus speed, you have to re-enable Turbo. Or you will be dissapointed! Weird little x79 thing..... Also, enable all c states. C6.. all of it, or turbo won't work.
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    X79 and/or rampage IV OC'ing thread for those of us still left....

    Just put some stank on that 2697! I'm at 112 now but here's mine at 110.
  15. johnspack

    The Linux screenshots thread

    Backports give you access to newer kde versions. 21.10 by default comes with plasma 5.22. Adding backports lets you upgrade to 5.23. Backports are coming from 22.04 which will have 5.23 by default.